Download 1945 Air Force MOD (Immortality) + APK 13.12

Download 1945 Air Force MOD (Immortality) + APK 13.12
Name 1945 Air Force
Publisher ONESOFT
Latest Version 13.12
Genre Casual
Size 161 MB
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Immortality
Get it On Google Play

You love the ultimate game experience with many challenges. Gaming is not a visual, sensory or visual experience?If you believe those things will work wonders, then download and experience 1945 Air Force mod!

Download 1945 Air Force Mod – Airplane Shooting Game

1945 Air Force is OneSoft’s super action aircraft shooting. Airplane shooting games are really no stranger to gamers, from the past until now, shooting games have always been one of the games that attract many plays.1945 Air Force exploits to the fullest on PCs, game consoles, and most recently, on mobile phones and tablets. Many manufacturers have even built shooting aircraft into a sophisticated and complex game with fierce air battles, 3D virtual simulations, fascinating stories, … But there are some manufacturers who are always loyal to the classic plane shooter.

download 1945 Air Force mod

OneSoft has officially joined the ranks of the few manufacturers that “go to the heart” when bringing a simple standard aircraft shooting game, called 1945 Air Force. With this simple but addictive 2D plane shooting game, you only need an average phone with medium memory to be able to play comfortably.

Historical background

Based on the name of the game, you will easily recognize 1945 Air Force set in World War II, where air battles are the focus of attention with enthusiastic support from modern air technology. You will transform into a skilled pilot assigned to many types of modern aircraft to participate in air battles. Although the historical context seems “tangled like a chive” of humanity, and the topic of shooting this plane is very diverse. As mentioned above, 1945 Air Force takes the core as the first, so the game does not even bother to divide into many different missions, but your mission from beginning to end is extremely simple. That is, you just need to destroy all the troops and the powerful air force.

1945Air Force mod

Along the way, remember to pay attention to collect gold coins and at the same time dodge obstacles!

Gameplay Rating

How to play 1945 Air Force is also quite simple in terms of manipulation and control. But if you want to win and stay in shape through many levels, this is a difficult ambition to conquer. You have to fly your fighter plane straight into the enemy’s airspace to attack, in a position to fight up to several hundred opponents. The feature of this game is that every plane shoots itself, so you don’t have to aim, press the button to fire at all. The only action that you need to pay attention to is to focus your fingers 100% so that they always touch the screen to ensure your fighter is constantly moving. Having to avoid the rain of bullets, dense and slick from many enemies, you also have to destroy other airborne opponents. While fighting, do not ignore the upgrade items that may appear along the way. Skillfully moving the fighter will help you to perform the task easily, but also can collect gold coins and many other attractive items.

Aircraft models of the 1945 Air Force

In 1945 Air Force had many different types of aircraft such as planes from USA, UK, Soviet Union, Germany, and Japan. All of the above aircraft have multiple weapons equipped with unlimited ammunition. You will have the opportunity to pilot the most combat aircraft in human history such as light aircraft, heavy bombers, military aircraft, … Famous flying ships such as Grumman F6F Hellcat, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Su-5, P-51, P-36 Hawk, Schwalbe “Swallow”, Mitsubishi A6M Zero, B-17 Flying Fortress are all here. In addition, during the game, each aircraft is also customized to upgrade to match the player’s aesthetic.

1945Air Force hack

One of the standout features of the 1945 Air Force was its ability to merge aircraft. You can merge mid-range planes to create your own super fighter. These planes are huge in size with powerful destructive weapons and every time your opponent appears, you have to admire.1945 Air Force has up to 350 levels and 30 different battles and battlefields and is constantly updated. The next stage is more difficult than the previous one. But one thing in common is that the ending will have a boss appear. They are tough, long-lived and have many modern weapons with terrible destructive power.1945 Air Force has many different game modes. When playing alone, you can enjoy modes such as bombing, defending, boss fighting, stealth, and attack. Many players can join the division to form a team with large divisions to destroy strong enemies. Besides, you can choose PvP online shooting mode combined with friends to be able to win more.1945 Air Force can also play Offline, because just download this game to the computer to start participating together.

Graphics and sound

1945 Air Force does not care much about form, but only wants players to have the best experience. The game is designed with 2D pixels, realistic images to every detail.

download 1945 Air Force hack

The sound in the 1945 Air Force is also well built. Full of bombs and bullets fighting, the sound of airplanes howling like reality, helping you to fight with enthusiasm right from the first battle. Playing games on tablets with external speakers is the best.

MOD version of 1945 Air Force APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Oil
  • Vip
  • One Hit
  • Menu

If you are a lover of aircraft shooting games, 1945 Air Force MOD APK is the right choice for you. Download and experience it now!


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