Download Toca Lab: Plants MOD (Full Unlocked) + APK 2.2-play

Download Toca Lab: Plants MOD (Full Unlocked) + APK 2.2-play
Name Toca Lab: Plants
Publisher Toca Boca
Latest Version 2.2-play
Genre Casual
Size 71M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Full Unlock
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Toca Lab: Plants MOD APK (Full Unlocked) is a game that helps you discover great things after conducting plant experiments with new and mysterious things. Nature has created plants, providing life-sustaining oxygen, supplementing energy through daily food and providing an ideal living environment for different species of organisms. Humans, creatures cannot live without plants, but what if we experiment with plants with strange things in Toca Lab: Plants?Let’s find out with MODPURE right away.

Introduction to Toca Lab: Plants

Toca Lab: Plants is one of the games in the series of educational games for young adults, stimulating creativity and helping you quickly realize your passion for impressive science experiments. With Toca Lab: Plants mod, on hundreds of living specimens, you will conduct experiments and discover unexpected things that no one has yet discovered. You will have the opportunity to work in your own laboratory, use plant specimens and embark on a journey to create the perfect world-changing thing. When conducting experiments, you use living specimens and of course, they will react strongly, appearing anomalous properties to help satisfy the player’s passion for scientific research.

TocaLab Plants mod

Your task is to apply different methods to transform living plants to turn them into mysterious and new things, discover the wonderful things hidden deep inside, create new farming be able to explore and make scientific inventions.

See how plants respond to sunlight

Sunlight is an important factor for normal plants to grow strong and lush. Thus, you can shine light on plants, see their reactions after sunbathing and discover laws of nature such as:

  • Light-loving plants will grow very quickly when the sun shines on.
  • Plants that don’t like light will grow weakly and tend to lean toward no sun.
  • The plant does not like sunlight, can die after a long time of exposure.

Your task now is to find out why some plants like the sun, some don’t like it, or even die when sunbathing. Then, start the process of transforming them, finding anomalous properties and forcing the plants to adapt to the new habitat according to your research. With plants that don’t like sunlight or don’t like sunlight, you can find out the cause and help them grow in the best sunlight to create “results” that change the laws of nature.

TocaLab Plants hack

Pumping too much or too little water for plants, what do you get in return?

In addition to sunlight, water is also an essential element to help plants maintain life, resist drought and thrive. However, in Toca Lab: Plants APK, if you water too much or too little, you will get different reactions of the plants such as:

  • The plants are angry, cursing, and unhappy with your act of watering too little or too much.
  • The plant happily accepts the fresh water and doesn’t react at all, no matter how little or how much you water it.

Thus, we can also draw the conclusion that plants in Toca Lab: Plants also have emotions and erratic personalities like humans. When you do the research, they know how to be angry, happy, sad, disinterested… Thanks to that, you can learn and come up with your own latest research.

Combine 2 random plants to create a new crop

In game Toca Lab: Plants mod unlimited money, players can not only do scientific research, but also can breed new plants by combining 2 random plants.together. Breeding new varieties will help you find plants possessing superior genetics with different abilities from the previous generation, such as better adapting to light, happy to be watered instead of being watered.grumpy as before.

download Toca Lab Plants hack

In the world of Toca Lab: Plants, newly bred plants may be peculiar, possessing their own characteristics but all of them bring you joy and quickly reach your dream of becoming a classy breeder..

Create a reserve of materials for the following experiments

Toca Lab: Plants hack provides players with a cloning machine for the purpose of creating reserve materials for further experiments. This machine works according to the following rules:

  • Putting in a random plant will clone 5 identical plants.
  • All cloned plants share the same characteristics, identical state.

Thanks to the multiplier machine using advanced technology, players have an abundant source of raw materials, serving the research and breeding process of new plant varieties as desired.

MOD version of Toca Lab: Plants APK

  • Full Unlock
  • Unlimited money

Toca Lab: Plants Mod brings players great things through scientific experiments on living plants. In addition, if you want to experience many other interesting things, MODPURE will introduce you to the download link Toca Lab: Plants. Don’t forget, conduct experiments in your own way after downloading the application.


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