Download Sky Raptor MOD APK 2.1.4 (Unlimited gold, diamonds, energy)

Download Sky Raptor MOD APK 2.1.4 (Unlimited gold, diamonds, energy)
Name Sky Raptor
Publisher ONESOFT
Latest Version 2.1.4
Genre Action
Size 134 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited gold, diamonds, energy
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Sky Raptor MOD APK takes players on a mysterious space trip. In it, the appearance of aliens is ringing alarm bells about the safety of yachts in particular or Earth in general. In the game, you carry on your mission to go into space and prevent aliens from entering. Whether this trip is successful or not, if you want to know, let’s experience Sky Raptor right away!

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Download Sky Raptor Mod – The Great Alien War in Space

The spaceship takes you into the air, where many aliens appear through the gap in space. Just seeing the spaceship is already a luxury, let alone now your character is allowed to fly them directly. Your enemies in Sky Raptor are aliens. They have a lot of supernatural powers, just reaching the earth will destroy human life.

Air battle between humans and aliens

Not monsters, witches or murderers like other games, in Sky Raptor your enemy is aliens with incredible strength. Taking advantage of the hole caused by the cosmic explosion, they began to penetrate and attempt to land on Earth. They constantly use their superpowers to attack people, causing their peaceful life to be gradually turned upside down. You play the main character in Sky Raptor – a warrior with great physical strength and extraordinary strength. Unable to let the enemy mess up, you decide to use the spaceship to fly into space, both to explore the universe, and to chase and destroy the evil enemy. This journey is extremely arduous and long, but it’s okay because there are always teammates to accompany you.

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Perform daily tasks

Sky Raptor built a day mission system. The player’s task when entering the game is to control the spacecraft to find places where aliens appear to destroy. Speed ​​is an extremely important factor, must move quickly and take down all enemies before they have a chance to strike. It is not difficult to control the spaceship to move at will. Your plane will appear in the middle of the screen, if you want the spaceship to fly, just touch the screen and navigate flexibly. As soon as an enemy is detected near, they must shoot immediately, absolutely do not give them the opportunity to come close to the earth.

150 different levels of combat extremely dramatic

Sky Raptor has all 150 different levels, arranged in ascending order. Start with low level challenges so you will feel very simple. Later on, the difficulty increases, wanting to win is not easy. With too difficult levels, you will have a chance to fight the boss of the universe. If you want to move to the next level, you must defeat the boss first. Not only is it a boss fight, the list of challenges that Sky Raptor sets is also an equally interesting survival and campaign mission. In addition to preventing aliens from approaching the earth, always ensure your safety from the malicious blows of your opponents. Because, you must survive in order to continue fighting. System of 150 levels, if you say a lot, it’s not too much, but you can’t say less. And to complete the whole challenge is not easy. There are doors that you will have to play over and over again to get through. It is this that makes Sky Raptor more attractive, the more you play, the more attractive it is and can’t be stopped.

Upgrade more weapons, features and improve spaceship

Experiencing a lot of decisive battles, surely your spaceship and physical strength will also decrease a lot. Sky Raptor allows you to renovate the spacecraft by equipping it with additional equipment and warranties when necessary. The spaceship must be strong and solid to be able to stop the attack of the enemy and continue to send you to space. Don’t just upgrade the spaceship, your character also needs to be carefully equipped. Use the bonus points accumulated in the quests, or use the unlocking opportunity to update more necessary features. Focus on strengthening strength and endurance to be ready to fight at any time.

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The arsenal of weapons must be so many, so diverse, that the enemy will be terrified. Some weapons are highly appreciated for their performance and damage that you absolutely must own, such as guns, cannons, lasers, rockets. Have plenty of ammo ready in case the enemy is too crowded and you can’t resist.

MOD APK version of Sky Raptor

  • Unlimited money
  • Immortal
  • Mod Menu
  • Damage

Sky Raptor MOD APK gives players moments of gaming that are both relaxing and equally thrilling. The game is a good opportunity for you to experience the feeling of becoming a mighty warrior, ready to fight with aliens in the universe to protect a peaceful life. If you are looking for a thrilling action and adventure game, Sky Raptor will be a good suggestion.


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