Download Football Killer MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.34

Download Football Killer MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.34
Name Football Killer
Publisher Simplicity Games
Latest Version 1.0.34
Genre Casual
Size 78M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Football Killer MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is different from the football games you’ve played so far. While the main character of other games excels in all aspects, you become the “king” of destruction, the destroyer of goals. Your appearance on the pitch becomes the obsession of the players. What’s so interesting about the obnoxious spoiler in Simplicity Games’ football game?See the article to know more about the special character you will be accompanying.

About Football Killer

In Football Killer, you play as a player but it’s very strange. This player does not want to score but becomes a troublemaker, sabotaging the game, seriously affecting the game. Football and shooting, seemingly unrelated, but in this game are impossibly related. That’s why, the gameplay and action in the game promises to be extremely funny and interesting.Football Killer mod

Reluctant player

The character you play in this interesting game has a rather special background. Dreaming of being a good gunman, but life pushed him, he followed the career of “shorts and pants”. The grim reality, having not been a shooter assassin, decided to become a vandal, a destroyer, a football obsession. With soccer skills and killer passion, on the field, you will make difficult shots. You will kick the ball at every object so that it flies straight to the field. The goal of scoring is not the net but the players playing on the field. Even referees, coaches and fans are no exception.

Football to eliminate players

Football Killer mod unlimited money has many levels, each level brings a certain challenge. You need to solve the soccer challenge. Take advantage of factors such as environment, terrain to accurately track the ball, hitting the objects you want to eliminate. The requirements of the levels are easy to understand but quite difficult to implement. That’s done with a single shot. The destructive weapon you use is the ball. So kick force, coordinate alignment, moment are very important. You will have to carefully calculate the direction of the ball when it collides with objects appearing on the road. Try to keep the ball on target even though there are many collisions with other objects on the road.downloadFootball Killer mod

Game Difficulty

In order for the ball to hit the right direction in Football Killer, the player’s technique and calculation is the most important. There won’t be any luck factor here. Only when you calculate the path, the impact of the collision can bring down the target. Going to difficult levels, the opponent’s lineup will become more complicated. Do not stand on 1 floor like before, instead, the players will stand on many different floors. The number of people standing on the floors also gradually increased. The obstacles that appear in each game screen are also more diverse. These things can be obstacles, can also be an advantage for you to take advantage of to create precise destructive balls.

Levels in the game

In the Football Killer mod menu, you will be on a quest through soccer skills like a professional player. Play to a high level, your skills will also improve. Eliminate many enemies, you will upgrade the destruction ball. Different from the usual balls used in matches. The weapon ball that you use is of a special type. They can spin themselves, launch at rocket speed and deal massive damage to enemies. The ball you use in the game has many levels. Each new ball opens, you need to think the right strategy to promote their power effectively. In addition to the shadow element, your outfit also changes with each level. Buy the latest skins to make your reluctant player more stylish. As a special player, it is not necessary to be a number shirt. You can dress the character in a shirt, cut his hair on fire, or follow any other cool style you Football Killer hack

Graphics and sound

Taking the football theme, the images and details in Football Killer are all sporty. The pitch, the player figure of the characters involved are all very clear and sharp. Sound is also integrated similar to the actions and manipulations that players perform on the pitch. The shots, cheers of the fans,… Everything is still integrated to appear reasonably in this interesting game.

MOD Version of Football Killer APK

  • Unlimited money

If you want to change the wind and play football games in an “unusual” way, then immediately download this game Football Killer hack unlimited money. The game has clear graphics, full of colors, and novel content. If you don’t want to be a normal player, you become an extraordinary player with destructive dribbles. What are you waiting for without downloading the game to try it now?


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