Download The Walking Zombie 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 3.18.0

Download The Walking Zombie 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 3.18.0
Name The Walking Zombie 2
Publisher Alda Games
Latest Version 3.18.0
Genre Action
Size 108 MB
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play

The Walking Zombie 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a very good game on phones. The game has many special features and a unique zombie system. They will help you entertain after stressful and tiring working hours. Players will be equipped with many different guns to be able to destroy Zombies.

Download The Walking Zombie 2 Mod – Fun Zombie Killer Shooter

Following the success of the first part, Alda Game Company has released The Walking Zombie 2. In this second part, the context will be changed and revolve around a child who survived the Zombie pandemic. Babies have to survive on their own and grow up in an environment full of zombies. From there, you can look to the communities for help.

The plot of the game

The Walking Zombie 2 tells the story of a pandemic entering the modern world. After 21 years since the pandemic began, you will transform into a baby and face a lot of dangerous zombies. The harsh environment will help you grow and be able to find new communities. Government organizations are gathering people and finding effective remedies to cure the epidemic. They need you to be able to research and hold out against the aggressive Zombies. You will have to help them find the necessary materials and protect the base.

The Walking Zombie 2 mod

Evaluate the gameplay

When participating in The Walking Zombie 2, you will have to fight continuously with bloodthirsty Zombies. Just seeing you they will rush to. You need to defeat every zombie to unlock the next level. After completing the levels, you will go to the research room and meet the final boss. After struggling with it for a while, you will get a biological remedy to save others. From there bring a world of peace. The Walking Zombie 2 is a first-person shooter game. But you will have to fight and survive against waves of zombies. This role-playing game is quite good and has a lot of missions for you to complete. Players can also talk to NPCs throughout the levels and ask for their help. Trades can also be made to buy more weapons and ammunition.

Game Rating

This is an interesting survival zombie shooting game. You will have a small map that the game provides. After receiving the quest, you will go to places on the map to complete. The game has an open world with many different terrains such as in the forest, in the city or in the field. The zombies are designed with many different types. You will have a hard time overcoming them.

hack The Walking Zombie 2

On the control screen will be divided into 2 parts. One side is the area you need to move to, the other is the zombie shooting section. After touching the screen, you need to control the buttons to be able to act correctly. One feature of the game is that you don’t have to press the trigger button. The game will automatically shoot monsters when the focus is on.

Variety of weapons and equipment

In the game The Walking Zombie 2, you will be equipped with many different weapons. These include primary weapons, shotguns, and grenades. Players need to pay attention to the main weapons such as automatic guns and must find enough ammo to shoot Zombies. If unfortunately run out of ammo but the zombies still come, take out your pistol and find a way to escape. Players can also buy their own equipment such as hats, clothes and shoes from shops along the way. They will give you a much cooler figure.

The weapons in the game have an index table consisting of 6 main parts: Damage, Attack Speed, Magazine Size, Reload Time, Critical Damage and Spread. Each type of zombie is countered by a type of gun. For giant bosses, you must have a reasonable strategy to be able to shoot and run at the same time. The store also has more skins or clothes so you can change the appearance of your character. They will make you look outstanding and eye-catching.

MOD Version of The Walking Zombie 2 APK

  • Free Shopping
  • Mega Menu

Overall, The Walking Zombie 2 MOD APK is very attractive with beautiful character creation, diverse zombie system and a lot of tasks. You will be overwhelmed with huge bosses with destructive power. Overcoming the boss will make you feel excited. Download this hack The Walking Zombie 2 mod full money to your device and experience it.


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