Download Idle Arks MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.3.4

Download Idle Arks MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.3.4
Name Idle Arks
Publisher BHome
Latest Version 2.3.4
Genre Casual
Size 97 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Idle Arks MOD APK is a casual survival game loved by many gamers. In the game, you will experience challenges with your own survival skills. Taking the disaster plot caused by natural disasters, the game reflects the reality of climate change in the world. What happens when mother nature gets angry, makes heavy rains for days and drowns everything?As one of the lucky few alive, you need to collect floating pieces of wood to build a floating shelter on the water. With the full money Idle Arks mod hack, you can confidently overcome all the harsh challenges of nature.

Idle Arks mod

Download Idle Arks Mod – Extreme Ocean Survival Challenge

BHome is famous for many idle games and creative content. Among them, the name Idle Arks cannot be ignored. A game that is both meaningful and interesting and entertaining. Perhaps this is what makes the game so special. After only a few hours of release, Bhome’s casual game has received thousands of downloads. This is a great success with a survival game with a vertical screen design with simple graphics. In the game, you will experience the harsh life in the context of disaster. With the collected pieces of wood, you will create a small raft, make a residence, floating in the ocean.

Meaningful plot

Idle Arks eats right in the plot. Unlike other games, this game of Bhome reflects the current state of weather and climate. Specifically, the phenomenon of global warming, sudden and unpredictable rainstorms. The whole world is submerged in sea water, everywhere there is only vast white water. Floodwaters washed everything away, claiming the lives of many people. As a lucky person alive, you need to revive your spirit, find ways to continue living. The first is to find a safe haven. After that is searching for food, collecting the necessary materials. Save the survivors, bring them to live in your shelter. Step by step expand, build a floating city and uncover mysteries hidden for centuries.

Interesting gameplay

If you have played Minecraft, when you experience Idle Arks, you will find that this game has a similar gameplay. In the game, you will experience the challenge of survival, adventure and discovery. The first thing you need to do is pick up pieces of wood floating on the water to make temporary shelter. Based on the plot, wood is the main resource in this game. The more wood you collect, the faster your shelter construction progress will be. After this place is temporarily settled, you will plant more trees for wood. The larger and stronger the raft, the larger the number of trees that can be planted here.

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Besides, you need to collect other items when floating on the sea. In addition to the daily necessities, you also have the opportunity to pick up treasures. Pick up these boxes, open them, watch ads to get rewards.

Save the survivors

This is also an important task for you in Idle Arks. You are not the only one left in this world. Your survival journey goes through many events. In addition to the items collected at sea, you also encounter other living people. When you see them in need of help, save their lives, put them on board, become a member of your companion. In particular, these people all belong to the Viking tribe. So, in the process of living together, they will help you a lot in building a legendary boat. If you want them to help you with the work on the boat, you just need to click on the resource section. The essence of the Viking race is hard work. However, they also have their own rules and regulations. While they’re resting, you can’t get them to work. Only when they are ready, feel they have enough energy, will they work. Plus, you’ll save more lives by unlocking new areas.

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In addition to the survivors, you also save the animals. On boats, they are both pets and pets that provide food and resources. For example, raising chickens will give eggs, raising sheep for feathers. You can convert these into a variety of resources needed for you.

Large map

You will be exploring many different regions of the world. Completing missions, upgrading successfully, collecting many stars will help you do this. In addition, you can use the highest in-game currency, diamonds, to unlock locations.

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On the screen there is a hammer icon. Click it to see what you need to build and accomplish. Once completed, your boat will move to a new area. With a large map, Idle Arks gives you an exciting journey with many interesting locations.

Simple graphics

Idle Arks is not very prominent in terms of graphics. Everything is designed in a simple style with bright colors. Cubic graphics make details visible. Moreover, the viewing angle in the game is also very diverse. You can flexibly switch to explore the game as you like. In addition, the game also allows players to install additional effects to make the adventure of survival more interesting.

MOD version of Idle Arks APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Resources

Are you ready to start with the big sea survival journey in Idle Arks?With novel gameplay, exciting missions, challenge yourself in the context of disaster. Download Idle Arks mod to your device to experience this unique adventure survival game right now.


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