Download Hunter Assassin MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) + APK 1.973

Download Hunter Assassin MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) + APK 1.973
Name Hunter Assassin
Publisher Ruby Game Studio
Latest Version 1.973
Genre Action
Size 102 MB
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Diamonds
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Hunter Assassin MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a rather strange game released by Ruby Game Studio. The game is highly appreciated for its gameplay as well as features. Join the game, you will transform into a silent assassin. The action is fast and decisive with superb knife skills. You will finish the enemy with a single action. You are ready to unlock all the unique levels in Hunter Assassin.

downloadHunter Assassin mod

Download Hunter Assassin Mod – Super Knife Assassin

The debut game of the publisher Ruby Games, although not a blockbuster, still made a certain mark. The number of downloads has increased over time, along with positive reviews from players. This has created the motivation for the company to continue to improve and try harder in the next products. Hunter Assassin is one of four games released by the company. And this is also the most successful and outstanding game. In Hunter Assassin, players will play the role of a professional assassin with impressive knife skills. Your task is to complete each level by destroying all the gangsters. Assassins in this game do not use guns. Instead, he just used a small sharp knife. This is a weapon that makes no sound but can finish off enemies in a split second. A true assassination game for you to try out with thrilling and dramatic missions.

Simple Context

The entire action in Hunter Assassin takes place in a large construction site. This is the “headquarters” of the gangster gang. They have occupied this place and operate, living here like the real owner. The construction site is large, with many equipment and supplies. The design of this place is like a maze. You will have to act in secret to complete the assassination mission, destroy the entire notorious gang.

Hunter Assassin mod

While the enemy has a gun in his hand, guarding carefully, you only act alone with the only weapon that is a knife in your hand. That’s why you can’t confront them directly. Act carefully in the dark, take advantage of time and terrain to finish them off with a cold sharp blade. It all happened in silence. Only breath and death come unexpectedly.

Special gameplay

As can be seen, Hunter Assassin was developed with a new idea. The addictive nature of the game is reflected in the way the character acts and performs tasks. To win, you need to be patient and have a good strategy. This battle is not a direct, public confrontation. So you need to do everything in the dark with deadly silence. Enemy guards are everywhere. In their hands were guns and flashlights. Just one careless move will get you in the spotlight. Being discovered by the enemy is considered a failure of your assassination mission. The confrontation between knives and guns, which side benefits?In this situation, you are the underdog. As soon as it detects you, the gun will fire automatically. And there is no fight happening at all, obviously you are the one who is sure of death. Therefore, to ensure life, complete all missions, assassinate them in silence. Take the enemy’s life, hide perfectly so that no one can detect you.

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The way to control the character in the game is extremely simple. The keys to move and attack are designed in detail on the screen. The most important in Hunter Assassin is the way to pass the levels. In the early stages, you can complete the task easily. However, when reaching high levels, it is not easy to assassinate these gangsters. To complete the challenge, prioritize killing the odd guards first.

Killer in the dark

Obviously, with such an action, you are a shadow assassin. Do not “beat gongs and drums”, do not play openly. This is an assassination mission, killing people in silence. It sounds very simple, just kill the enemy without letting them detect. However, to do this is not easy. You need to have patience, act wisely, handle situations well. The darkness is a favorable condition for you. Take advantage of every opportunity to finish off the enemy quickly. To win, try not to get eaten a “copper candy”. Besides, always pay attention to LifePoint points to be able to continue the journey. Every time you are detected by an enemy, your points will be gradually deducted. If you let LifePoint go to 0, you lose. You cannot keep this stat absolute. After being discovered, learn from your own experience. In particular, if you know how to use this indicator, you can pass many difficult levels easily.

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You will get gems after finishing an enemy. Accumulate a lot of gems to open more skills as well as new assassins. The difficulty of the game increases gradually, so strengthening yourself is essential. Each assassin character in the game has its own advantages. Depending on each game screen, you can choose the appropriate character model.

Hunter Assassin MOD Version APK

  • Infinite Diamonds

A game that is not too popular but enough for you to feel relaxed and interesting during the experience. If you want combat action but don’t shoot guns or duel with heavy weapons, you can choose Hunter Assassin. A shadow assassin with skilled knife skills. Challenge your action ability by downloading Hunter Assassin MOD APK to your device to experience it right away.


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