Download Dead Target MOD (Unlimited Money, Damage) + APK 4.132.0

Download Dead Target MOD (Unlimited Money, Damage) + APK 4.132.0
Name Dead Target
Latest Version 4.132.0
Genre Action
Size 183 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 +
MOD Unlimited Money, Damage
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Dead Target MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Damage) is one of the best Zombie war games today. You will play as a warrior to destroy the zombies that are coming more and more. The game’s drama is pushed to the climax, the speed is so fast that it makes you breathless. However, after each game screen, you will find it very good to destroy a lot of Zombies. The game has many special features, diverse weapon systems and realistic graphics. Let’s find out through the following article.

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Download Dead Target Mod – The Most Interesting Zombie War Game

Dead Target is a post-apocalyptic game. You and the survivors must destroy the undead to bring peace to the world. This game is published by VNG company, based in Vietnam. Although there are similarities with Dead Trigger 2, it still brings new breezes for gamers in the quest to destroy Zombies. Currently the game is being uploaded to 2 applications CH Play and App Store. There are more than 70 million downloads of the game and is leading in the best games on the subject of Zombie. Game mechanics are quite simple, you just have to pick up the gun in the game, find and destroy the oncoming Zombies. The diverse mission system will help players understand more about the plot and explore this deadly land.

In-game setting

Dead Target is about the post-apocalyptic world in 2040. At this time, the world has developed rapidly in terms of science and technology. With political conflicts, the world entered the third war. The defense minister of MZ company cooperated and researched a biological weapon. They will turn prisoners into zombies who are not afraid of death and use Zombie to destroy other countries. However, after a while, these zombies could not be controlled and they spread to the whole world. The treaties were broken, the world returned to a time of turmoil and on the verge of destruction.

Dead Target mod

However, the company MZ still exists and uses a city to experiment with disease-carrying viruses. This is the weapon they use to threaten other countries. At this time, a special team (including you) is sent to stop this zombie war process. However, everyone was killed. Only you are left alive. To complete the assigned mission, the player must overcome hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, collect materials and save agent M. From there, destroy the MZ company’s laboratory, bringing peace to mankind.

Gameplay Review

The gameplay in Dead Target is quite similar to Dead Trigger. However, the player cannot move on his own. This is the difference of this shooting game. Instead of shooting and running to dodge the zombies. Now, you will stand still and shoot dozens of incoming Zombies. This is an unpleasant experience and you are completely at the mercy of it. However, the game will offer many special mechanisms. There will be support from the SWAT team, you just have to defend well to block the attacks from the Zombies. The novelty of this game is also the surprise. Players will not be able to predict what will happen next. Some zombie species look weak but live very long. You have to shoot dozens of bullets to defeat them. In particular, there are Zombies that can spray acid that causes your health bar to drop. There are ferocious dog Zombies, ready to rush at you. They are really the details that surprise the players.

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However, whatever the challenge, you must destroy all those Zombies. If you complete the level, you will receive countless rewards and gold to buy new weapons. A tip when playing Dead Target: You should aim at the Zombie’s head to make them die faster. If you shoot in the chest, it is easy but difficult to finish these zombies. Killing Zombies when shooting in the head also helps players get more gold. You will be happy to complete the level with a high chance of winning apples.

Various arsenal

For FPS shooters, players are very interested in weapons. In the game Dead Target, you will be spoiled for choice with hundreds of different types of guns. All of them are the most modern guns and simulate real weapons.

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Each type of gun has its own advantages and disadvantages: For example, a machine gun can shoot a large area and many zombies at the same time, but the accuracy is not high and the ammo runs out quickly. Pistols can accurately shoot zombies but will have difficulty with large numbers. The more the later levels, the stronger and more numerous zombies. You have to upgrade weapons and find new more suitable guns.

Graphics in the game

Dead Target is developed on the technology platform Unity Engine 4.0. This is the most modern application to produce clear and realistic image quality. Players will be completely comfortable when playing on mobile devices because the game is quite smooth and consumes less RAM. Each shooting effect, zombie’s blood is very logical and realistic. They provide the best experience for every player. There will be Zombies jumping to startle you.

MOD Version of Dead Target APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Damage
  • Immortal

Dead Target MOD APK is a classic zombie shooting game. With many attractive levels, you can participate in the never-ending zombie hunt. Please update the new weapons to be able to kill the most zombies.


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