Download ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games MOD (Unlimited Money, Immortal) + APK 1.86.0

Download ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games MOD (Unlimited Money, Immortal) + APK 1.86.0
Name ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games
Latest Version 1.86.0
Genre Action
Size 146 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 +
MOD Unlimited Money, Immortal
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Our beautiful world is in bleak days. The Covid 19 epidemic has claimed the lives of many people, caused the economy to stagnate, and the pace of life suddenly slowed down. This reminds you of the setting in ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games. If out there you are “powerless” before that change, with ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games you can completely control the game. Let’s experience ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games MOD APK with us!

Download ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games Mod – Great zombie war

ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games of the publisher VNG GAME STUDIOS is an interesting game. Here, you can not only participate in the great war with the undead, but also build military bases for your empire yourself. This is a new and interesting point before other games that have ever exploited the topic of zombies.

Background in the game ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games

ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games has an attractive and fictional plot. In 2023, a pandemic took place that made our beautiful Earth suddenly become a gray black color. A desolate, deadly scene covered with hideous zombies. Humans are the main cause of pandemics raging on a global scale. Over-exploiting resources, we have poisoned our own water sources, polluting the environment, and unbalanced the ecosystem. Create conditions for the development of diseases. To prevent the mutation and growth of virus strains, Dr. Akasha of P. E. A. C. E Industries invented a vaccine named “Z”. Since then, the battle for survival between humans has become more and more intense.

ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games mod

Uses of Z vaccine

According to Dr. Akasha, the recipe for Vaccine Z, is immune to all viruses, helping people live longer. It was this statement that made many people fall into a trance. Everyone wants to get this vaccine. However, how much that trust has become the horror of all mankind. When in just 2 years, 2025-2027, everything is completely different. People who have been vaccinated with Z vaccine suddenly become walking zombies with hideous bodies. They go everywhere, ravaging the Earth to satisfy their bloodlust. After only 3 years, since the zombie pandemic appeared, the world has been engulfed in a sea of ​​blood. A lot of people have covered the bloodthirsty soulless corpse. You are one of the last survivors. Thanks to his perseverance and luck, he hasn’t turned into a zombie yet. You can’t just stand by and watch the world being swept away in a sea of ​​blood. Stand up with your team against zombies and find out the secret to decipher the vaccine that is the source of this zombie epidemic.

ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games

VNG Games is a famous game publisher not only in Vietnam but also around the world. They used to be very successful with fighting games like;Dead Warfare, Sniper Zombie, Dead Target…ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games are also among that success. This game has been pushed to new heights with top-notch graphics and engaging gameplay.

Join the game, you will play as one of the last survivors. With the third-person shooter mode, mass destruction of zombies will give you a great experience. In addition, you and your teammates embark on building solid bases. This will be the place for you to live, and wage a long war. Whether the Earth is reborn or not depends on your bravery and skills!

Fighting Zombie

Fighting in ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games is not too difficult. With just a few simple steps such as: select the gun, move, aim and hit the target. The interesting point of this game is in choosing equipment and weapons. ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games gives players an extremely good arsenal of weapons. With a full range of guns from mid-range to modern and those with extremely heavy damage. Based on the situation, the distance as well as the number of undead, you can choose the right weapon. Note that the faster the better, otherwise your life will be in the hands of those hideous zombies. Take the ultimate headshot to any zombie in the way. Focusing on the head will easily defeat them. Because zombies have a high survivability, hitting it does not mean it’s dead, only when its head is “broken” can it be safely defeated.

ZOMBIE HUNTER Offline Games hack

Zombies appear everywhere in the city you live in. At first it went alone and was rather slow. With just a few simple steps, you can defeat it. However, it will then bring the horde to great numbers. Because when smelling the smell of blood, those moving undead will become more bloodthirsty than ever. They move from everywhere in many different forms. They do not stand still, but constantly move, jump high, … making it difficult for you to headshot. However, to survive forces you to be more courageous and brave.

Building a base

In other games of the same genre, the player’s task is mainly to fight and destroy zombies. Although quite stressful, it is also easy to make players feel bored. New and interesting in ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games is allowing players to build their own military base. This is an idea rooted in reality. Because if there is really an epidemic of zombies, a solid base will help a lot in combat.

This military base is also the place where all the daily activities of you and your teammates take place such as: making weapons, drugs, ammunition, providing raw materials, food, drinks…long-term fighting goal of the whole team and for our dear Earth.

MOD Version of ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Immortal
  • Menu

ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games is highly appreciated by players for both graphics and quality. The game has many new interesting points to help you not feel bored. The fighting and shooting from the 3rd person perspective brings a realistic and attractive feeling to the player. Download ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games MOD APK to play the role of a hero who saves the Earth from the zombie pandemic. Wish you happy gaming!


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