Download Worms MOD APK 5.4.5 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Download Worms MOD APK 5.4.5 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
Name Worms
Latest Version 5.4.5
Genre Action
Size 157 Mb
Requires Android 8.0 +
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlock
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Worms money mod is an earthworm control game. The game is similar to the game of snakes, but with more interesting new modes. It can be said that this is a relatively easy game to play, not boring.

Download Worms mod – Invincible Worms

Worms is a game that is easy to download and convenient to play on the phone screen through different levels of play. You can play anytime, anywhere, making the most of your spare time. Earthworms will be safely moved by you, performing different rounds and challenges. You just need to skillfully control them to eat as much as possible and in turn eliminate each opponent that appears on the way.

The difficult challenge that Worm creates the appearance of opponents that interfere with your movement. The novel challenge caused a dramatic moment in the game. This excitement has attracted the participation of many gamers, becoming a big battlefield, raising challenges for players. This is the motivation for the publisher to constantly upgrade and create newness for the game.

Move to hunt

The task for the player is to move the worms to get the most food. The food that the worms eat is cake and candy. The opponent is also the object that helps the worm to fill the stomach, the size of the worm will increase in length and size. This will increase the difficulty of the game, the worms will be difficult to move, the player needs to avoid the worms colliding with other objects. On the screen the player can adjust the speed increase or decrease. Small suggestion, you can curl the worms to facilitate hunting. Complete all the missions in the assigned match, getting the most food will help you to take the lead in the round.

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The plan to destroy the opponent

In order to quickly defeat an obnoxious opponent, it is necessary to have smart and suitable tactics. There are three main strategies in Worms which are Trickster, Fighter, Builder. You need to decide what is the appropriate main strategy for each match to get the best results. The rules of each game are:

  • Builder is focused on finding food, avoiding collisions with the most opponents. This is an easy way to help worms grow quickly without participating in confrontations
  • Fighter increases the excitement of the game, first feeding the worms a lot of food, then killing other worms and turning them into food. The fastest way to increase the drama of the game, improve the score.
  • Trickster: other worms will come to you, you need to find a way to fight, fight directly and don’t let them survive.

Experience all the new ways above, giving you a complete overview of Worms Players will not regret spending their spare moments playing relaxing games. Bringing new features, not boring is what game publishers always want to aim for.

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Doesn’t stop changing appearance

Worms gives you worms with random colors. Up to the Trickster level, the player will be able to freely change the costume for the worms, maybe a more prominent color, completely free. In addition, you can buy other worms, install new expressions of worms to increase attraction and attractiveness. Help the winner stand out from the crowd. The design and selection of a new look for the worm is shown in a completely new and sharp way.

Worms MOD APK version

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock the skin

How to play Worms is very simple without being boring. You can challenge your friends to increase the drama. With intelligence, you will quickly help worms rank up, grow strong, and stand out in the arena, getting the most food. Players will slowly discover the ingenuity and sensitivity of their play. Quickly download Worms mod to control worms and attack enemies. Experience countless exciting feelings with MODPURE. This promises to be a popular game with many players, helping you relieve stress effectively.


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