Download Viber Messenger MOD + APK (Optimized / Lite)

Download Viber Messenger MOD + APK (Optimized / Lite)
Name Viber Messenger
Publisher Viber Media
Latest Version
Genre Contact
Size 52 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Optimize / Lite
Get it On Google Play

Today’s technology is developing extremely strongly, the appearance of free calling and messaging applications is more and more. In it, it is impossible not to mention Viber Messenger. After officially launching to the market, the application has received special support from users. Let’s find out interesting information about Viber in the article below.

downloadViber Messenger mod

What’s special about Viber Messenger?

Viber Messenger, released by Viber Media, is one of the most convenient calling and messaging applications on the phone today. The special thing is that the features are completely free, the user will not lose a single coin. This feature has shown its superiority and superiority compared to calling through network carriers. However, to be able to access and use Viber, your device needs to be connected to the Internet. The condition to use Viber Messenger is that the listener and the caller both download this application to the device. Then just go through the simple installation steps. Your Internet connection must be stable, it can be via Wifi or 3G. In fact, on the market there are many free listening, calling and messaging applications, such as Zalo, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger … but Viber still has more advantages.

download Viber Messenger APK Mod

Outstanding advantages of Viber Messenger MOD APK

It is not natural that Viber Messenger is so popular. This application brings a lot of outstanding advantages, supporting people in both work and life.

Quick call

Compared to other free calling and messaging applications, Viber Messenger’s call quality is superior. According to many tests, Viber for quality and connection speed is faster than other free calling and messaging applications. The transmission is stable during the call. That’s why Viber received many positive reviews from users.

High compatibility

Viber Messenger is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. Just download the application to your device, then register an account and you can use it. The application has no user age restriction. You just need to press the purple icon icon on the phone screen then send messages and make calls freely through a few touches on the screen.

Viber Messenger mod

Convenient for work

Viber Messenger is also used for work. Instead of choosing Sky or other communication applications, companies and organizations are tending to switch to Viber. Users are allowed to video call for groups of up to 20 people. Thereby, you can both see the other party, and conveniently exchange work. Especially when the covid epidemic is raging, using Viber Messenger is even more necessary.

Free texting

In addition to making phone calls, the app also allows you to text. There are many options for users such as messaging for a large group of members (up to 250 members), private messaging, sending pictures, sending videos… The capacity of images, audio, and videos is preserved, not lost.mutilation. At the same time, you can also send additional icons to express emotions. When you want to send a voice recording or a document file, you can also use Viber. All operations in Viber Messenger are performed extremely quickly, simply, easily, without interruption to improve the user experience.

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High security application

The next advantage that cannot be ignored when it comes to Viber is security. The application is encrypted end to end. Default encryption for messages, chats, meetings, etc. All information passes back and forth and can only be received by people participating in the conversation. Because of high security, all information appearing in messages and calls cannot be eavesdropped. To help maximize information security, users also need to be very careful. Absolutely do not provide information, your account password to others to avoid unintended consequences.

Viber Messenger MOD APK Version

  • Optimization
  • Lite

Viber Messenger is a 100% free calling and messaging application on mobile phones. Accordingly, you can send messages, make calls, send information files, images … 100% free. Currently, large applications such as Facebook or Zalo can be easily hacked or tracked, but Viber still retains absolute security. Quickly download Viber Messenger MOD APK to your device and experience the most attractive features!


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