Download Puffin Browser Pro MOD (Premium Unlocked) + APK

Download Puffin Browser Pro MOD (Premium Unlocked) + APK
Name Puffin Browser Pro
Publisher CloudMosa Inc
Latest Version
Genre Contact
Size 39M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Premium Unlock
Get it On Google Play

Puffin Browser Pro MOD APK may be strange to many people, but for those who are especially interested in quality applications for mobile, this name is not strange. You may be more familiar with Chrome or Firefox. However, learn about a paid web browser called Puffin Browser Pro MOD APK before deciding to download. Although not too prominent, it is really “worth the money”. The information below will give you a better understanding of this application.

PuffinBrowser Pro mod

Download Puffin Browser Pro Mod – Paid Web Browser

If you are using Chrome or Firefox and feel unsatisfied, try Puffin Browser Pro. This web browser is appreciated by many people for the experience it brings. Not only impressive performance, but also outstanding processing and access speed. Thanks to modern cloud technology, this web browser deserves to be in your phone. Quality stuff is usually not free. And the same goes for the CloudMosa Inc web browser. To use, you need to pay an amount of $ 4.99 to download. However, compared to what it brings, this fee is really worth it. Hundreds of millions of people are using and leaving good reviews because this browser possesses the following outstanding advantages:

Super fast browsing speed

Puffin Browser Pro is researched and released by a famous technology company in the US. To get a really quality web browser, they tested the encryption cloud technology. Thanks to this modern technology, the browser they provide has extremely impressive performance. Whether in terms of page load speed or content rendering, multimedia files are excellent. Compared to normal browsers, it is much more prominent. However, when browsing the web, users need to use IP in the cloud. With this application, you will not have to worry about the web browser taking up a large amount of RAM and space on your device. Puffin Browser Pro is very light, moreover, the surfing experience is also much better.

PuffinBrowser Pro hack

Protect user data

Using public wifi has many potential risks related to security factors. Connecting to public wifi to access the web is popular because the demand for internet use by users is very high today. However, this can make hackers take advantage to steal personal information of users. With other browsers, there are no guarantees about the safety of user data. However, with Puffin Browser Pro, you can rest assured. Before going to the cloud, this browser has encrypted user data. Opening an incognito tab helps the browser create a proprietary version when users use it. And as soon as it ends, or disconnects from the network, the history will be deleted immediately. This is why, you can be assured of security when using this web browser.

Save bandwidth

The above are not all outstanding advantages of this web browser. In addition to browsing speed, high security, it also helps users save bandwidth up to 90%. However, if there is a need to watch videos or livestream programs, the amount of bandwidth costs more. However, users still save bandwidth if they only access the web to listen to music or read news. Thanks to data saving mode, users can make customizations about photo and video parameters. This will help the browser load faster than usual., Even when connected by wifi, this saving mode still works. Of course, if you don’t care about bandwidth issues, you can completely turn off this mode in the settings.

download Puffin Browser Pro mod

In addition, Puffin Browser Pro browser also supports Gamepad, virtual Trackpad. With this feature, gamers can play Flash games extremely smoothly on mobile devices. Add and that is browsing, scrolling pages gently, simply.

Desktop mode, turn off ads

Although browsing on mobile, this browser still allows users to experience in Desktop mode. This feature brings more convenience and comfort when you have a need to open a browser and an application at the same time on the device. In particular, all ads that appear during web surfing have been “purged” thanks to the automatic shutdown feature that Puffin Browser Pro owns.

MOD Version of Puffin Browser Pro APK

  • Premium Unlock

As can be seen, Puffin Browser Pro is a web browser that possesses many advantages. Safe, fast surfing speed and no annoying ads. Thus, even spending $ 4.99 is completely worth it. If you want to experience it for free, you can download the Puffin Browser Pro MOD APK version that we provide below.


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