Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v6.4.3

Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v6.4.3
Name Vegas Crime Simulator
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Latest Version 6.4.3
Genre Action
Size 100 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

If you are a enthusiast of street games like GTA 5, you will love Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK. This is a simulation game with many action scenes such as racing, shooting and chasing with the police. This game requires low configuration and you can play it on your mobile device. Let’s explore Vegas Crime Simulator game in the following article.

Download Vegas Crime Simulator mod – Gangster game with beautiful graphics

When participating in the Vegas Crime Simulator game, you will transform into a super gangster and collect weapons or items to smash the city. For those who have played GTA 5, it will be no stranger to this game. However, with your phone, you cannot download and play with GTA 5 games because they are too heavy. Instead, you can experience Vegas Crime Simulator with a much lighter version. Your journey will be very interesting with a lot of different missions. You can find tycoons in bar floors or casinos. Fight with the security team or run away from the police. Exciting chase scenes like action movies will surely captivate you.

VegasCrime Simulator HAck

Simple plot

In the game Vegas Crime Simulator, you will be quite vague about the plot. Almost your character will be free to roam in the lights of Vegas. This is the most bustling place with many types of entertainment. From racing, playing games to big casinos. You can also dance in bars with lots of people. In terms of play, Vegas Crime Simulator is not inferior to any game with the same theme. With the criterion: Crazy gangster, you will enter an outlaw world. Here, players can enjoy the feeling of a rebellious gangster. Things that you don’t dare to do in real life, when entering this simulator, you have the right to shoot freely. This game allows you to upset all the order, destroy everything and turn into a person everyone hates. When you join the vibrant city of Vegas, you will begin your journey to cause trouble and disorder. Usually players will pick up baseball bats and scare and rob passersby. After accumulating a certain amount of money, you can go to the weapon shop to buy guns. However, when you use a gun to shoot someone, the police will chase you to the end. The spirit of the game is towards violence and the strong always win. You need to make sure that you are of sufficient age before participating in this game. And no matter what, don’t do it in real life. All your frustrations should be released into the game.

VegasCrime Simulator MOD

About the game’s plot

Unlike the hit game GTA 5, you will transform into an ordinary character, without a very special private life. The tasks are also much simpler, no longer the staged bank robbery or handling the bodyguards. Players can do small missions in Vegas Crime Simulator to collect money. From there, you can buy cars and weapons to destroy. Players can go to punish other gangsters to become the strongest. Or you can also admit members to your gang and then go looting. In terms of dramatic action scenes, Vegas Crime Simulator is not inferior to any action game. From looting, dodging or shooting. You can destroy anything that stands in your way. The bloody boxing phase is the terror of all.

Gameplay Review

You will control the villain is a gangster. There will be a small map in the left corner to help you know your location and other places. On the screen there are also buttons to adjust direction and move in the city. On the opposite side are weapons and equipment. In particular, the game also has a third-person perspective so you can see the whole scene of all activities. The gameplay mechanism of Vegas Crime Gangster is quite appreciated. Players can do everything they want such as stabbing, smashing everything on the road. You can buy weapons or heavy vehicles to attack the police station. Diverse weapon systems such as pistols, machine guns or grenades will help you deal wide-area damage. In particular, in the game there are many vehicles, from motorcycles to new super cars. Guaranteed to be very attractive with the speed racing screen. The mechanics of the game do not prohibit theft. You can scramble for any vehicle on the road to move.

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

Graphics and sound

Although not comparable to the GTA 5 version on the laptop, Vegas Crime Simulator is still highly appreciated for its 3D graphics. Every movement in the game is quite smooth and vivid through the action. The effects of collapsing or firing bullets are quite realistic to help players get caught up in the game. Every punch and kick that causes the opponent to be thrown into the air or big explosions are also invested in the graphics a lot. They are no different from special action movies. This is definitely a lively simulation game on the mobile platform. In terms of sound, the Vegas Crime Simulator game is also quite attractive with vibrant background music. When changing scenes into entertainment areas such as Bar, casino, you will feel as hot as in real life. The sound is reasonably designed, sounds catchy and very attractive.

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money

If you are passionate about action games, experience Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK now. This is a very popular game on the phone. It will definitely make you get sucked into this world.


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