Download Unruly Heroes MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.1

Download Unruly Heroes MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.1
Name Unruly Heroes
Publisher Perfect Game Speed
Latest Version 1.1
Genre Casual
Size 51 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Unruly Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a 2D action adventure game for mobile devices, specifically Android operating systems. The story is inspired by the famous Chinese novel series “Journey to the West”. The four characters together went through dozens of challenges and faced many dangers to find the bible of the Buddha and save people. Whether this arduous journey can reach the destination or not, let’s find out in detail through this article.

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Download Unruly Heroes Mod – The plot is familiar but not boring

It is said that the Buddha, from the early days of the founding of the world, used the Bible to convert people. Thanks to that, the world is always at peace, and monsters and demons no longer dare to disturb. But then suddenly one day, the wicked destroyed that sacred book, tore it up and carried the pieces everywhere. Also from here, the demons have risen, raging.Facing the chaotic situation, Buddha entrusted the responsibility to a monk named Huyen Trang. The journey to find the pieces of the Bible is extremely difficult. Along the way, he had the opportunity to meet three disciples who were adept at magic. The four disciples have to fight the evil faction to survive and find the stolen scriptures and save the world.In that chaotic context, the characters’ faith, determination, wisdom and courage were appreciated. The story also makes it more interesting and engaging. Will Tang Tang’s teachers and students complete that noble mission?

Character system associated with childhood

In Unruly Heroes, there will be all 4 main characters, all familiar names in the movie “Journey to the West”. The monk with the dharma name Tang Tang (Sanzang), along the way met and rescued Sun Wukong (Wukong), from which he became a disciple. The game also features Kihong and Sandmonk characters. Except for Sanzang, the three disciples were all capable of using supernatural magic, so that throughout the journey, they destroyed countless demons to find the lost canon.

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Playgame overpasses, intellectual puzzles “strange but familiar”

If you’ve ever watched the legendary Chinese movie “Journey to the West”, it will be no wonder with this gameplay. To find the truth, the group of teachers and students had to go through countless dangerous challenges. The enemies here are youkai with terrifying shapes and extraordinary strength. They always find a way to attack and prevent Tang Tang’s teachers and students from finding the bible.In each mission in Unruly Heroes, the player needs to solve a puzzle to get to the next door. The puzzles include many levels from easy to difficult. Instead of an idle game, the combination of puzzles helps players improve knowledge and increase attractiveness, the more they play, the more attractive they are.For each mission there are three goals you need to achieve. The first is to collect coins, get as many coins as possible. The second is to find the puzzle pieces of the bible, they are often hidden in a mysterious area that you must unlock to get. And finally, you have to adjust the time to play, fight and conquer the challenge within the time specified by the game.

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Easy for everyone

Each player must master the unique traits and skills of their chosen character. It can be the ability to glide, double jump, attack or power activated by special statues. The most special in Unruly Heroes is the ability to flexibly switch between characters. That is, in a situation where you need to use the skills of other characters, choose to play multiple characters at the same time. The smooth transition makes it easy to defeat the enemy.Unruly Heroes also allows players to team up with local friends to participate in fighting monsters. Not just support, you can compete directly with them to make the game more dramatic.

Graphics and images

Unruly Heroes gives you stunning graphics that everyone is sure to love from the first experience. Overall, the game has a completely mysterious beauty, making players immersed. The combination of realistic visual effects, smooth transitions and vivid sound system further increase the drama in the game. Unruly Heroes MOD APK promises to be the game that gives you the highest satisfaction, both in terms of internal features and external appearance.

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Unruly Heroes MOD Version APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock

Unruly Heroes is an excellent action and puzzle game. This game is considered one of the most popular games this year. With a combination of stunning visuals, explosive combat characters and fun gameplay platforms, varied gameplay has created an incredible classic legend. This is really a game that you should not miss. Let’s download the Unruly Heroes mod hack and start the journey to find the legendary bible!


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