Download The Sun Origin MOD + APK 2.1.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Immortal)

Download The Sun Origin MOD + APK 2.1.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Immortal)
Name The Sun Origin
Publisher AGaming+
Latest Version 2.1.4
Genre Action
Size 534 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Immortality
Get it On Google Play

Currently, games on the topic of history are a rather special genre, creating special attention with gamers. If you are also passionate about this game genre, you should definitely not ignore the name The Sun Origin MOD APK. Here, the world of humanity is threatened with many disasters, your mission is to survive to fight evil and protect human life. Download The Sun Origin mod money to experience immortality and complete missions easily.

Download The Sun Origin mod – The hottest shooting game

The Sun Origin is certainly a name that is no longer strange to those who are passionate about the survival shooting genre. The game is inspired by the world disaster in 2050, the earth is suffering from an extremely terrible energy source originating from the sun. You are equipped with a variety of weapons, modern technology to overcome the threat of disasters.

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The Sun Origin is released by AGaming+ exclusively for Android and iOS phones. Your main task is to play the sniper Raven, also known as the Black Crow, destroy the opposing faction and restore order to the world. The game is not only built with attractive content but also powered by Unreal Engine technology. The underground world full of gore, death is reproduced extremely sharp, accompanied by special effects that increase the excitement for players.

The background of the game

As noted above, the scene of The Sun Origin is in 2050 when the sun unleashes an extremely complex energy source. Scientists have predicted this phenomenon, but the authorities in power do not care much. When this energy source collided with the earth, it caused death and devastated people’s lives. A group of people, because they care about the previous warnings of scientists, fortunately escaped, including you. These people continue to build new lives, but soon run out of food, and in order to sustain life, they need to go out into the outside world to find supplies. From there the bloody wars began. The Sun Origin combines action and RPG elements, impressed by its dramatic gameplay and unexpected developments. To be able to survive, you need to go through many difficulties and hardships. In addition, you need to destroy the evil forces, return the world to normal life.

Main tasks

The first-person action shooter genre is inherently no stranger to gamers. However, The Sun Origin brings a very new experience, drawing players into “unique” missions.

Fight the enemy

Players assume the role of soldier Raven, explore the world with apocalypse. Because he did not want to betray the trust of people, Raven was able to fight the evil forces. Players will move across many areas with epic backgrounds. After each battle, Raven’s energy will decrease significantly. To get more energy, you have to find more water and food. When the energy has been restored, the winning rate when participating in battles will be higher.

Rebuilding a new world

When disaster struck, areas of the world were destroyed, becoming extremely desolate. In order for humans to continue to live, developing organisms need to rebuild from the ground up. Each time completing the mission challenge, the player will have the opportunity to receive more money and valuable items. The first thing to do is to destroy the enemy.

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The Sun Origin provides you with a huge arsenal of weapons. Each weapon has its own unique characteristics and powers. When choosing the right weapon, you will have a chance to win quickly.

The Sun Origin MOD APK version

  • Unlimited money
  • Immortal
  • Menu

The Sun Origin Mod compared to other shooting action games on the market offers many outstanding advantages. Therefore, when participating, in addition to experiencing the monumental context of the wars, you can also use the most modern and advanced weapon system. In addition, the game’s sound system is also commendable, helping players relax and increase excitement. Very few action shooters can meet the criteria of visuals, sounds and complete missions like this game.


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