Download The Rural Homecoming MOD (Viet Hoa) + APK 1.02

Download The Rural Homecoming MOD (Viet Hoa) + APK 1.02
Name The Rural Homecoming
Publisher Patreon
Latest Version 1.02
Genre NSFW
Size 233 Mb
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Viet Hoa
Get it On Google Play

The Rural Homecoming is a “spoiled” game in the truest sense of the word. Belonging to the 18+ topic is enough for players to be curious. However, it seems that these things are not “enough” for publisher Patreon. Therefore, the plot of the game has added a very “disastrous” relationship. What do you think about father-in-law and daughter-in-law having shady things? With The Rural Homecoming Viet Hoa, you will be able to read every word in the dialogue of these characters.

download The Rural Homecoming mod

Download The Rural Homecoming Mod – Relationship “out of line”

If you want to experience an adult game with a “bloody” theme, you can try Patreon’s The Rural Homecoming. The game revolves around the relationship between father-in-law and daughter-in-law. For many male gamers, these “strange” movies are probably not new. However, in the game, everything is exploited in a much more delicate way. Specifically, the game plot tells about a young man who has problems at work in the city. When he was fired from his job, he and his wife moved back to his hometown to live with his family. Or to be more precise, living with his father. In the countryside, the father relies on connections to find him a new job. Since the guy went to work, the story between his father and his wife officially began.

Simple gameplay

The gameplay of the game is built in a simple direction. You can feel this game like a short film. In the process of participating in The Rural Homecoming, you do not need to do too many things. Your job is simply to give answers when asked. You have the right to decide on the content of the answer. Through the Q&A screen, you will understand more about the stories in the family.

2D Graphics

The graphics of The Rural Homecoming are not very prominent. The character design and background are simple, the image quality is average. However, you can rest assured that the unique screens in the game are still very sharp. The game has many scenes that make you blush. With an 18+ style game, you probably know what will happen next.

TheRural Homecoming mod

The Rural Homecoming Viet Hoa

In fact, this game is originally a game for PC. So, if you want to experience it on mobile, you can download The Rural Homecoming Viet Hoa. This version is ported by professional gamers. Therefore, the smoothness cannot be compared with the PC version. Another great point is that in this version, you don’t have to “bewildered” to guess what the characters are saying. Because the game has accompanying subtitles, translating the dialogues is quite literal. Experience the Vietnamese version will help you explore more deeply the unique stories of the game.

MOD version of The Rural Homecoming APK

  • Viet Hoa

Just the above brief introduction is enough for you to feel curious about this adult game, right?Everything is even better when you experience the game with this shady relationship. Download The Rural Homecoming mod Viet Hoa to fully enjoy the unique scenes as well as the detailed story in the game!


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