Download Town of Passion APK 1.9

Download Town of Passion APK 1.9
Name Town of Passion
Publisher Patreon
Latest Version 1.9
Genre Role Playing
Size 543 Mb
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Viet Hoa
Get it On Google Play

Town of Passion MOD APK (Vietnamese) is an adventure-style role-playing game. The game is a combination of exploration, relationships, puzzles and training. The game was released by the not-so-famous game house Siren’s Domain, but was received with great enthusiasm. It’s great that now this game has a special Vietnamese version for gamers in Vietnam. Quickly download this game to experience it together!

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Download Town of Passion Mod – Experience living in a mysterious town

Town of Passion was previously only released on the PC platform through Patreon. However, at the present time, there is a free APK version on Android, allowing players to experience the easiest and most convenient way. Currently, the game has 2 new updated English and Vietnamese versions.

Interesting plot

The plot in Town of Passion is about a very ordinary peasant boy. One day, he got lost in a strange land without knowing the way out. Circumstances pushed him, he decided to start a new life right here in this town.

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In this town, there are beautiful girls who appear beside him and live with him. Your mission is to play the role of that farmer to explore this mysterious Valencia town. The town of Valencia is geographically small, but it contains a mystical world. Interesting characters and quests that you need to complete are all aimed at uncovering these monstrosities.

Interesting and refreshing gameplay

Although he wanted to be an ordinary villager, living comfortably in a town, the reality was not so simple. The town of Valencia seems to be boring, no one expected that there are so many secrets to discover inside. There are many beautiful girls in this town that you can hang out with and build a lasting relationship with. The whole story will support the development of the character line in the game. All the women in this game look amazing and hot. Each person will have a different appearance and personality. Let’s find out to find the ideal type, write your own romantic love story together.

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As we talked about, there will be many mysteries to solve. Many of them are related to the monsters and myths surrounding the town of Valencia. But not all monsters are evil, some monsters can become friends if you are skilled and brave enough.

Evaluate game experience

To be fair, Town of Passion still has some bugs. Typically, the mechanism like the conversation button, however, does not affect too much the quality of the game and the experience. The dialogues and interactions between the characters in Town of Passion are shown quite well. I think they’ve also put a lot of emphasis on the art of the game, not just when it comes to the sex scenes, but overall excellent construction. Unlike many other adult games, the game does not abuse meaningless sex scenes, but rather focuses on building a humane story behind. There is nothing to complain about when a game offers an interesting world, great characters, although there are hot scenes but not vulgar.

Engaging images and graphics

Town of Passion uses a 2D graphics platform, although it is quite simple and   not too sharp. However, the game still attracts a large number of players because of the beautiful and eye-catching character creation. The image in the game is usually just designed quite simply like a simulation game, but when the characters appear, the image will be designed in a more detailed way that is no longer blurred.

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The textures and even the clothes are eye-catching and unique. Every detail is reproduced lifelike, giving the feeling of a classic, exciting role-playing game that anyone can’t ignore.

Live sound

Town of Passion is created with RPG Maker MV – technology  standard and clear sound effects. Character voices and other sounds will be revealed as you progress further in the game. In general, the sound effects are quite quality to help players get more excited. So, if you want to fully immerse yourself in this game and experience it at its best, don’t forget to turn up the game sound loud and clear!

Some outstanding advantages of the game Town of Passion

  • Excellently exploited art
  • Great world constructions appear
  • A tale of a legend
  • The characters in the game have close interaction

MOD Version of Town of Passion APK

  • Vietnameseization

Town of Passion is a highly inspirational game for players with quite simple but extremely attractive content. Especially the images appearing in the game, both very attractive and exciting for players. Download Town of Passio mod Vietnamese to experience, make sure you won’t regret it at all.


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