Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD + APK 1.17.1 (Menu, Easy Game)

Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD + APK 1.17.1 (Menu, Easy Game)
Name Suspects: Mystery Mansion
Publisher Wildlife Studios
Latest Version 1.17.1
Genre Action
Size 159 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Menu, Easy Game
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Download Mystery Mansion mod to participate in the process of tracking down the killer, facing many challenges. The game gives players a thrilling feeling. Join MODPURE to find out what makes the game so attractive.

Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion mod – Who is the killer

If you like playing the role of a talented detective, join the game Suspects: Mystery Mansion to discover your outstanding investigative talent. What you need to do is find out quickly the cause of death in the house. Enter the mysterious house, investigate the crime scene and uncover the criminal. Things hidden behind that will create unexpected drama for the game. To track down the object is not easy, the detective must be very sharp and smart. Believe that you will be that smart player.

The murder happened in a large mansion house. The player is the detective who is invited to find the group of evil murderers. Accompanying you will be 8 other detectives, revealing there will be a murderer in there. The secret behind the case will slowly be revealed, causing unexpected surprises. It can be said that this is a new gameplay, giving players a lot of excitement. Curiosity won’t let you be a quitter. Suspects: Mystery Mansion desperately needs you to find the clues and truth for the murdered person. Your chance to show off your investigative skills. The scene takes place in a dark and gloomy mansion. The eight detectives will work together to plan the implementation of the mission. Finding evidence to convict the perpetrator is not easy. In addition, you also get to play the bad guy who is looking for ways to erase his sins. Let players take on many tasks that make Suspects: Mystery Mansion no longer boring but thrilling, incarnating in any position.

Murder investigation

The main task of the player is to quickly find the murderer. Requires you to have a keen observation, gather all the traces and finally convict the culprit. In the investigation process will take place many difficulties, in the other 8 people is the criminal?Different from the fierce blockbuster games, pouring guns and punching blood. Suspects: Mystery Mansion brings a sense of mystery and horror. The time to solve the case will depend entirely on your talent. Finally, in the context of the game where there will be a voting discussion, the most suspected person will be the criminal who is exposed.

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Face the challenge

The planning phase, finding the game killer will make it difficult for players with many challenges. Force you to solve them to complete the mission. Use your thinking and find compelling evidence. In particular, you must think carefully before making a decision to vote, if you choose the wrong person, the criminal is the winner and you certainly don’t want this. Finding the right killer identity gives you a high score. Challenges will make tracing so much more fun.

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Lovely detectives

A special feature, the detectives in Suspects: Mystery Mansion are extremely lovely animals with small, cute pictures. Beyond imagination are big and muscular superheroes. Players will freely choose the character that will accompany them in the case. It is the shape and color of the characters that create the novelty of Suspects: Mystery Mansion. Still an action game, but after each level, complete the mission, collect huge bonuses and high scores, you will also unlock a wide selection of companion character types.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD Version

  • Mods Menu
  • Easy game

Download Mystery Mansion MOD APK with MODPURE, join the game to discover your detective talent. The game is an opportunity to show your logical thinking, sharp judgment and observation ability. This promises to be a game that never gets boring. You can invite more friends to play with you to increase the difficulty of the game.


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