Download Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 4.1.18

Download Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 4.1.18
Name Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike
Publisher GS Games Studio
Latest Version 4.1.18
Genre Action
Size 121 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money) has many differences from other shooting games. Still the first-person perspective, still the context of fighting against zombies. However, everything is exploited in a new and delicate way. This is the reason why GS Games Studio’s game has become a super product loved by millions of gamers. With a gun in hand, open all doors to destroy hordes of aggressive monsters. Surely you will discover a lot of interesting things when experiencing Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike.

Download Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike Mod – Shooting against zombies

The apocalyptic context with the spread of the disease is no stranger in the field of movies or video games. Each work exploits in a different aspect. In Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike, you will be participating in a first-person zombie-killing battle. Weapons used throughout the game are guns with modern design and great damage. The game interface is designed to be simple, making it easy for players to observe and cover. To survive, complete the mission, you need to fight, overcome all levels. All the people in the town have become zombies. And you can become a zombie at any time. So, take up the gun to fight, prevent the terrible spread of the disease. The most important thing is to build a time machine, to bring humanity out of this horrible tragedy.

Top quest in the game

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike is more than just an ordinary shooter. It also builds a novel storyline with challenging missions for players. Besides surviving, you also have to build a time machine. This is the “key” to prevent the epidemic and restore peace to the world. During the battle, you need to pay attention to the icons displayed on the screen. The most important is health and ammunition. By all means, you must stay healthy.Mod Pixel Combat Zombies StrikeWith a first-person perspective, you will have a long and wide range. However, danger can come at any time. So be vigilant. In high levels, the number of zombies is increasing. Shoot very decisively and accurately, avoiding the health bar to run out. When completing the mission, you will have more money to buy new guns as well as ammunition.

Massive gun arsenal

As a shooter, Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike has no shortage of good “toys” for you. Each gun has its own pros and cons. In the first levels, you only use rudimentary and simple weapons such as hammers, axes and mediocre guns. When reaching higher levels, the damage and danger of weapons will increase a lot. The game’s arsenal is full of guns for you to experience. In addition to rifles, pistols also have flamethrowers. Learn the details of each type to be able to choose the best weapon for each level.

Diverse zombie system

Must say more about this content because the number of zombies in the game is very large. Not only are they strong in number, but their danger is also extremely formidable. Each type has its own shape and fighting ability. You will have to confront doctor zombies, police zombies, even enemy zombies.hack Pixel Combat Zombies StrikeEither way, they’re all dangers that you need to be on the lookout for. In particular, when meeting bosses, you need to be especially careful. Destroying them will be more difficult. However, defeating the bosses, the rewards you receive are very attractive.

Opens up mysterious rooms

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike has a lot of surprises for players. Not only is an action shooting game, you also have an adventure and discover a lot of interesting things. With a large map, complete every level to be able to break into every mysterious room. Inside there will be special things to help you improve your fighting skills.

MOD Version of Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Menu

Become an undefeated fighter with top-notch shooting in Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike. Complete all levels to be able to uncover the mystery during the journey to conquer the challenge. Download Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike MOD APK to own the outstanding features that the mod brings. Click the link we provide right below to experience the game safely and quickly!


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