Download Cherry Tale MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.6

Download Cherry Tale MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.6
Name Cherry Tale
Publisher EROLABS
Latest Version 1.0.6
Genre Action
Size 87M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Cherry Tale MOD APK (Unlimited Money) of Erolabs belongs to the tactical general card genre but has 18+ elements. The game has a unique storyline and beautiful characters. With each completion of the challenge, you will unlock special things. Fighting and interacting with the sorceresses, you feel the relaxing nature that is meant to be.

Introduction to Cherry Tale

For players to easily enter the game with a basic understanding of the world in the game. Cherry Tale has built a plot with a clear character line and context. You will understand the meaning of the battle goals as well as the tasks you need to complete.

Cherry Tale mod


The game builds on a fantasy setting thousands of years ago. Humans at this time always think of themselves as the supreme being with a power equal to the gods, always challenging the gods. Arrogant by nature, humans sought to create magic spells. However, they forget that the creator is always above watching everything. When people gradually sink into pride, choose the wrong direction. The Most High has sent an army into the world. The battle between the mortals and the army of the official took place. This is a never-ending war that has been going on for many years. Fortunately, humans still have a chance to do it again as some gods are still supportive and want to help. A second chance is given to humans. The exchange condition is that the human magician must give up magic and learn the magic of the gods. By learning true magic, humans were able to defeat the army they deserved to be sent down. The members of this army were all sealed. Over thousands of years, the seal weakened, the power of the army of dark elves still smoldered. Once again, the world is in danger of destruction. Descendant of the mage who led the sealed human army before. You have the task of recruiting more talented magicians. Let’s fight together to protect humanity.

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Cherry Tale unlimited money mod belongs to the card strategy genre. To create an army of magicians, you will use the cards you collect to summon talented magicians. Create the strongest army of mages with the right tactics. It is necessary to find out the abilities of each person to put them in a position where they can maximize their potential. The ability and magic of each magician is different. The battle is turn-based, when it comes to your team, the magicians will launch automatic moves to defeat the opponent. The strength of the characters is divided according to the principle of countermeasures. Therefore, the army of magicians needs to have characters who can overcome the power of the enemy. In addition, the magicians on the same team also need to interact and work together to defeat the opponent. Besides, the gameplay of Cherry Tale also has an interactive element. This is also the point that makes this game an adult game.

Unlock, upgrade mage

The battles in the game take place on a map arranged in a checkerboard style. The magician with cartoon chibi petite image. The nature of the battle seems fierce, but when it comes to reality, the movement and counter-action is only temporary. Winning these battles, you will have the opportunity to upgrade as well as unlock new characters.

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The “adult” element in the game

Cherry Tale contains quite “blushing” scenes. Therefore, the game is labeled a game for people 18 years of age and older. Although they are just chibi shapes, the female magicians have extremely hot looks. All characters are based on fairy tales. So it’s no surprise when you meet a magician who looks like Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White… What is worth mentioning here is the interaction between the player and the enchanting sorceress. After gathering beautiful mages into the squad, you can interact with them through intimate actions. Win, gain more experience, meet enough requirements to unlock new characters, you will have more new experiences. The glamorous and hot mage system ensures emotional as well as visual satisfaction.

Beautiful graphics

The images in Cherry Tale mod money are designed in anime style, but the points that need to be true and clear are still paid special attention. Especially the hot body of the female magicians. The scene is diverse with many different scenes.

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Although it is a fighting game, in terms of effects, the skills of the skills are quite sketchy. In return, the player has the opportunity to supplement his eyes with the female magicians and the sound is quite lively. This is also enough for gamers to decide to choose the game to experience.

Cherry Tale APK MOD Version

  • Unlimited money

In general, the game elements are just enough, this point is not excellent, there are other points to compensate. With the interaction with beautiful people in the game, I think that only 15+ years old can experience the game. However, the game is still labeled as an adult game, so it is up to you to decide whether to play the game or not. If you want to try it, please click on the link below to download Cherry Tale hack unlimited money right now.


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