Download Cartoon City 2 MOD + APK 2.38 (Unlimited gold, diamonds)

Download Cartoon City 2 MOD + APK 2.38 (Unlimited gold, diamonds)
Name Cartoon City 2
Publisher foranj
Latest Version 2.38
Genre Casual
Size 53 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited gold, diamonds
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Cartoon City 2 MOD APK is a completely refreshed game compared to its predecessor. The success of Cartoon City 1 makes many people look forward to the experiences that Cartoon City 2 brings. And fortunately, the publisher did not disappoint the gaming community, this version brings new interesting and unexpected surprises. Download Cartoon City 2 mod to realize your dream of building a town of your own.

Download Cartoon City 2 mod – Build a livable city

The main task that you need to perform in the game is to build and manage your own city. Although it’s just a fantasy game, the publisher has invested a lot in the design and images to give players the most realistic feeling. Compared to the previous version, everything has gradually approached perfection when being rated 5 stars by many players. With Cartoon City 2, any city-style idea you’ve dreamed of is possible, even the craziest. Use your creativity to the fullest to build a livable city that attracts as many residents as possible.

Money and resources to build a city

You can’t just use your will and desire to create a city, everything requires money and a strong enough resource. Starting in Cartoon City 2 things are very difficult because you don’t have a lot of money, but just patiently build normal houses first, then slowly scale up. The first residents to live in your city will be the main force to help you realize your dreams. They will work hard and help you earn a lot of money to pay for the construction of the city. As a leader, you must always try your best, participate in as many good activities as possible to make this the most bustling, bustling and bustling town and neighborhood possible.

Download mod Cartoon city 2 unlimited money

Invest in large-scale projects

After you have ample funds and enough resources, you should think about building large-scale projects. This is a way to help you increase your income from business, entertainment, services,… Commercial centers, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks are all suitable options for you to consider building.for the purpose of serving customers. When you have those works in the city, you will attract a large number of tourists, at this time the money will be in your pocket. Do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to invest in these construction items, because if you want to own a modern and dynamic city, building more infrastructure is a must.

Combining farm system

Although it is a city building game, the special feature of Cartoon City 2 is green farms with lots of vegetables and animals for meat. You should not only be busy playing and eating in bustling entertainment areas, but you should build more farms to provide food and food for city residents. The farm is also a good source of income if you grow crops and raise livestock efficiently. Players can use the money from agricultural trade to serve the purpose of building a city later. The combination of a modern city with a peaceful rural area is something that you can create.

Comfort city

A modern, livable city is a place with full facilities to serve the daily needs of people. Cartoon City 2 allows you to create those values ​​with unmatched features. In addition to normal life activities, you can also organize events and festivals to turn this place into the most complete and comfortable complex. Players have the right to decide all activities in the city, from construction to management. However, everything needs to be well planned before you start working on it so that your neighborhood can function in the long run.

MOD APK version of Cartoon City 2

  • Infinite Gold
  • Infinite Diamonds

For those who are fans of Cartoon City, it is impossible to ignore Cartoon City 2. An attractive, engaging game that allows you to unleash your creativity in the city you want to live in. Download Cartoon City 2 mod to create and manage a modern, classy living place yourself.


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