Shop Get KC Free Fire with ID 2022 – Get it now!

Shop Get KC Free Fire with ID 2022 – Get it now!
Name Shop Nhận KC Free Fire
Publisher MODPURE
Latest Version 2022
Genre Action
Size 12 Mb
Requires Android 4.2
MOD get free diamonds
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Get Free Fire game diamonds with your ID is the way many gamers apply. Instead of using hacking software, savvy players choose to believe in luck through gift shops. Just send ID, the rest will be chosen by the gift shop and sent gifts to lucky players. If you do not know the information about shop get free KC by ID then follow the article right below.

Get free KC by ID?

Getting completely free Diamonds just by submitting an ID is a familiar method for many gamers. This is how Free Fire game players receive gifts from special shops or random people. This form depends a lot on the group to which the player submits the FF game ID. This way to get free FF diamonds is both simple and complicated. Simply because the player just needs to send the ID to the gift shop. However, the hardest part is that the outcome is completely dependent on luck. If you do not meet the conditions set by the shop, you will not receive diamonds or free gifts.See more:

How to get free KC in Free Fire?

Diamonds are something of high value in the game. Therefore, every gamer wants to own a lot without having to spend money to buy or spend a lot of time plowing. Through the shop to receive free KC by ID is not the only way. If you want a large amount of diamonds, gun skins, costumes and many free items, you can refer to some of the following ways:

Use redemption code FF

This is the way many gamers apply because of its high efficiency and safety. After participating in events as well as tournaments, gamers will receive a gift of a redemption code. These codes can be exchanged for diamonds in Free Fire. To receive the code, you need to visit the game’s website, log in to your facebook or Google account. Then enter the correct redemption code and confirm it is done.

Get KC FF by downloading the app

Downloading the app to the phone is a simple job that we often do. However, if you know how, this is also a good way for gamers to get free diamonds. When you finish downloading the application to your device, you only need to perform some of the application requirements. Completing the requirements, your game account will receive a certain amount of diamonds. With this method, if you want to apply it effectively, you should choose apps like: Poll Pay, Easy Rewards or some other apps like Google Opinion Rewards,

Booyah App!

Surely the name Booyah!no stranger to professional gamers. This is a livestream application launched in July 2021. Free Fire players can earn money through the app by participating in tournaments and events organized by the publisher.

Find and report bugs

In the process of experiencing the update, if a server error is found and reported, the game publisher will give gamers a diamond. In fact, this is a way for both sides to benefit. When detecting an error, the publisher will check to fix it, providing a good experience for players. On the gamer side, you will be thanked by giving diamonds. To earn free KC FF this way, you need to have knowledge of information technology.

get free fire diamonds by id

Get KC by watching livestream

Watch live stream to receive livestream, although the efficiency is not high, it is still a way for you to receive free KC. Through the livestream, many gamers will give diamonds to viewers. Especially for good players, the game account has a large amount of KC. However, in order not to lose time, at the beginning of the live, you should find out if they give KC during that live or not.

Shop receives free KC by ID

As soon as the information about receiving free KC by ID through the gift shop broke out, many gamers applied. This method has the advantage of being safe and simple. If lucky, the player will receive the diamond completely without any risk. As for the gift shop, you can refer to the following suggestions:

Garena’s Store

What you need to do is just register an account, watch live for 1 hour. The KC live gift giving program is limited, so you need to update the information soon so you don’t miss it.

Gift Play

This is where the quest in the game is provided. After completing the task you will receive money. Diverse missions, game code is refreshed regularly. Want to get more diamonds you can download the game on Steam.

Lulu Skin Box free fire

Using this application is the same as using 3rd party software. So, to get KC, coins, cosmetics,… for free in Free Fire, you will have to accept the risk.

Other Apps

  • Playsmart: Download the app and complete the required game missions and you will receive a code to redeem free diamonds.
  • Sports Guru Pro: Spinning at this sports app will earn you coins. There are coins to convert to real money, when you load into the game, you will have diamonds.
  • Poll Pay: This app is like a puzzle library. Answering questions here as well as answering surveys is how you get cash. Similar to the fantasy sports app above. When you have real money, you just need to load into the game and use the money to buy KC.
  • Easy Rewards and Google Opinion Rewards: With this app, you will have to download, play games, and take surveys to receive a redemption code.

Get free KC FF in many other ways

From friends and acquaintances: If you have friends who play well, have a lot of diamonds, you also have the opportunity to receive free diamonds from them. Close relationship will help you to be given KC FF as a gift.

  • Hack KC FF: Many people choose to use the softwareHack software to have a large amount of diamonds and an infinite amount of money. However, this method is not recommended because it contains many risks. If you want to do this, you need to choose a website that provides safe and quality download links.
  • Spin of Fortune: This feature is available in the game. To be lucky to receive KC this way, gamers just need to register an ID and spin the prize.

How to get free KC by ID

After you have grasped the shops that receive free KC by ID, you need to take basic steps to have a chance to receive gifts. This is how to get KC with a very simple implementation method. So you just need to spend a little time to be able to participate in this lucky program. Usually, the Free Fire side will organize a lucky spin. Each player will receive one spin per day. To participate, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to the game’s drawing page
  • Register your ID account
  • Press to spin the prize => Fill in the information as required by the system.
  • Items received after filming will be sent directly to your ID by the system.

Hope the above information about the shop to receive free KC with the latest ID above is useful to you. There are many ways to get KC FF for free. Each method has a different implementation. However, to be on the safe side, please choose the official method such as sending ID and receiving gifts from Garena’s store. If you want to apply the KC Free Fire hack, you should choose a reputable website like MODPURE to avoid locking your nick. Good luck!

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