Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK 2.34.6 (Unlimited Money, Level 52, Menu) Download

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK 2.34.6 (Unlimited Money, Level 52, Menu) Download
Name Shadow Fight 2
Publisher Nekki - Action and Fighting Games
Latest Version 2.34.6
Genre Action
Size 144 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Unlimited Money, Level 52, Menu
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Shadow Fight 2 was released as promised by publisher Nekki to the gaming community. The success of the first part helped Nekki achieve a lot of success. This has created the motivation for the company to continue to make part 2. What makes players happy is that part 2 is no less than its predecessor. Still the battle of the shadows. However, part 2 is updated with more attractive new features. In particular, with Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK, you will be free to upgrade your character’s strength.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod Hack – Great fighting game

If you’ve ever played Shadow Fight, make sure that when version 2 comes out, you have to try it right away and let it be “hot”. The game is addictive because of the mysterious storyline and unique gameplay. The compliments for Shadow Fight 2 are not exaggerated because this fighting game is really unique. Just looking at the number of downloads is enough to see how great the appeal of this version is.

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Mysterious plot

The game opens with a movie summary of the mysterious story of the sacred land. In Shadow Fight 2, players will play the role of a legendary samurai warrior. With unmatched strength, samurai will travel around the world to challenge, find opponents with balance and strength. The path he walks has no quagmire of stumbling or losing. This made him arrogant and made a big mistake. The main consequence is opening the door of darkness. When this door opened, the dangerous enemies in the darkness that had been imprisoned were freed. They began to enter the peaceful world, causing many crimes. Not stopping there, the magic from the door of darkness made the samurai lose his shape. Now, he was left with a lone black shadow. In order to regain shape, peace for the world, correct his mistakes, he is determined to fight, stepping into a series of challenging and arduous quests.

Familiar fighting style

In this part 2, it is not difficult to see that the gameplay of the game carries the characteristics of the traditional RPG genre. However, Shadow Fight 2 still has many new points to create its own appeal. The main task of the player is to participate in challenging solo matches.

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The 1vs1 battle is more dramatic, thrilling, and more brainy than ever. Your character is a legendary samurai. Therefore, in the process of fighting you can deploy a lot of strong moves. Through the control keys, move, attack, and defend gracefully and flexibly. Quick, quick and clever. These qualities will help you create eye-catching combos. Samurai can “solo” or use weapons such as darts, magic. In addition, Shadow Fight 2 also has many levels with a variety of modes for you to try. Difficulty increases with level. The first stages, try to get used to how to control the character. In the next levels, the challenge is greater, the difficulty increases. Therefore, if you do not adapt quickly, compete without concentration, you are very likely to be knocked out by the opponent.

Various item system

Shadow Fight 2 is appreciated in many ways. Not only the plot, gameplay but even the item system is very impressive. In addition to weapons with high damage, you can also equip yourself with armor. With more than 115 items, you can freely choose the weapon that is your forte. Weapons in the game are divided by rarity. If you want to use it, you need to buy it in the store. Of course, the higher the damage, the rarer the weapon, the higher the price. This is the reason, many people choose to experience Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK to solve the money and diamond problem. Through each level, you will lock a new weapon. To increase the damage of weapons, upgrade them appropriately. Remember, weapons have a great influence on the outcome of the war. So invest and use wisely.

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Experience different game modes

The confrontations between the samurai and the dark boss are dramatic, thrilling and suspenseful. However, the game circuit is very slow, slow. This is why you can’t be in a hurry to experience this fighting game. Shadow Fight 2 has control buttons with many different functions. To fight flexibly and smoothly, you need to be patient. To increase the experience of the game, Nekki has added many new attractive modes. Shadow Fight 2 is divided into 7 chapters, each chapter 1 boss. With this story mode, you need to follow the story line. In the final chapter, the challenge multiplies when you meet all 7 bosses. The boss of the next level is stronger than the boss of the previous level. So, if you want to win, your skills need to be enhanced. Besides tactics, agility, improving equipment and weapons is essential. After handling a boss and bodyguard, you will unlock many other attractive game modes. For example, tournament, survival, arena, sublimation, hell, …

Bold graphics

Shadow Fight 2’s beautiful 2D graphic design with traditional black shadows has created a special attraction for the game. Characters are just mysterious shadows fighting fiercely against a colorful background. When you experience it, you will find the game extremely smooth. A series of moves of the two sides are very beautifully executed. To increase the drama, character effects and weapons are also designed very nicely. The game shows the calm, focused spirit, while showing the strength and peak skills of Japanese samurai.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD Version

If you want to experience the game in your own style, you can try the MOD APK version of Shadow Fight 2. With this version, you will have many advantages in battles with the dark boss thanks to the special features below.this.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money: All in-game items cost = 1. After each match you will receive a huge bonus.
  • Unlimited Energy: The default mod gives gamers 5 energy. Every 10 minutes the character will gain 1 more energy point. Want more you can buy with gems.

If you want to ignore the energy factor when playing SF2, you can try the Special Edition. With Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, you will be able to play comfortably without worrying about the energy factor. Not only that, the paid version of the game also includes special chapters.

With Shadow Fight 2 Mod, after installing and entering the game for the first time, the game system will report a data error. To fix it, turn it off and on again. Note, only play offline to avoid some errors when experiencing the Mod version.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack Max Level 52, Level 99

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Infinite Diamonds.
  • Unlimited Energy.
  • Max Level 52.
  • Max Level 99.

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK for Android

It can be said that Shadow Fight 2 is an excellent role-playing fighting game, well worth your time investment. The 2D graphics are simple but eye-catching. The battles are not colorful but enough for players to be satisfied and satisfied with the battle atmosphere. Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK to your device to experience this top version!


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