Monster Legends MOD APK 17.2.1 (Unlimited Money, One Hit) Download

Monster Legends MOD APK 17.2.1 (Unlimited Money, One Hit) Download
Name Monster Legends
Publisher Socialpoint
Latest Version 17.2.1
Genre Simulation
Size 112 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 +
MOD Unlimited Money, One Hit
Get it On Google Play

There are many strategy games today, but not all games are as attractive and have special gameplay as Monster Legends. Here, you will have the opportunity to raise, upgrade monsters and fight enemies. In particular, the Monster Legends MOD APK version with the unlimited money feature will help you get the most interesting experience.

Download Monster Legends Mod – PVP monster fighting game on your phone

If you are a strategy game enthusiast, then surely there is nothing strange with Monster Legends. The game was released by Socialpoint and so far, although it has been on the market for a while, the appeal of the game has not shown any signs of cooling down. Initially the game was designed on computers, in 2014, a new mobile version was officially released for two operating systems Android and iOS. Especially the Monster Legends Mod APK version brings a lot of new features such as God Mode, unlimited money, One hit and Win 3 stars. Thereby, players will easily win.

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Although the game has been out for nearly 10 years, Monster Legends still receives many positive reviews from gamers. To date, on mobile platforms, the game still receives outstanding downloads, much higher than other strategy games on the market. The quality and image of the game are extremely realistic and sharp. When playing you will not feel bored.

Real-time gameplay

In the game Monster Legends, players will own a beautiful paradise island. However, contrary to the peaceful appearance, life on the island is extremely fierce. The appearance of ferocious monsters threatens the lives of the creatures on the island. However, along with the ferocious monsters, the game also brings some kind and funny monsters. Your mission is to train these monsters, upgrade skills and participate in battles to expand the territory. The operations in Monster Legends are made extremely simple. The rule to use is turn-based. This means that the player will determine the winning order of the monsters based on speed. Before attacking, there are two factors that need to be accurately determined: the target of the attack and the skill used.

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4 Game Mode

In order to bring the freshest experience to players, Monster Legends opens 4 different modes. It’s Live Competition, Monster Battle, Multiplayer Mode and Dungeon. Each mode brings a few unique characteristics that come with a lot of interesting challenges.

Battle Mode

Monster battle is the most popular game mode in the game. With this mode, there will be a total of 400 different levels for gamers to experience. Monster Legends constantly updates a lot of new features, so you don’t get bored at all. In particular, you not only participate in challenges on a fixed island but also have the freedom to explore many different islands. On the islands there will be a lot of monsters living. Only strong monsters, flexible skills, agile have a chance to win in battle. Players need to choose the right monsters and improve their skills.

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Live competition

Joining Monster Legends you have the opportunity to participate in the live competition mode. When the player reaches level 20, the live competition mode will be opened. Accordingly, players do not need to manually select monsters, but the system will give you 3 monsters to apply to the competition lineup. The player’s task is to arrange and coordinate monsters properly to create a superior squad, defeating all opponents.

Multiplayer Mode

Just hearing the name can imagine the characteristics of this game mode. Each game will include many participants. Each time a player wins, points will be increased. At the same time, the ranking will also be higher than before. Highly competitive multiplayer mode, please consider carefully before participating.

Dongeon mode

In the game Monster Legends, when you pass level 10 you will experience Dongeon mode. This is an interesting mode that promises to bring many surprises to gamers. If you win, your chances of owning many valuable items and large gold warehouses are very high.

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Monster System

The monsters in the game have full attack and defense stats, along with many specialized skills. When participating in Monster Legends, it is easy for players to notice that the number of monsters in the matches has increased to 3. Meanwhile, normal strategy games only use a single monster. This has helped Monster Legends create a strong attraction for players. The game is highly competitive, attracting gamers into many interesting challenges but equally balanced. Compared to other game series of the same genre, Monster Legends has many advantages.

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Graphics and sound

What makes gamers impressed is not only the gameplay, but the graphics and sound must also be attractive. Monster Legends has done a great job in this regard. The image in the game is built with unique, sharp and perfect colors to every detail. Every little detail is meticulously designed to bring the most impressive experience to players. Not only the graphics, but the sound in Monster Legends is also perfect. The vibrant sound in the battle phases, the gentleness when players upgrade the monsters, the sound of the manipulations on the screen… have created an interesting and highly entertaining playground.

Monster Legends MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money.
  • Infinite Diamonds.
  • Unlock them all.
  • One Hit.
  • Increase damage.

Monster Legends MOD APK is an interesting, attractive game version, simple gameplay. To win, you need to arrange and choose monsters appropriately and upgrade to enhance combat power. To increase the fun, invite your baby to play with you. Have fun!

Download Monster Legends MOD APK for Android


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