Free Fire Hack OB38 + APK 1.81.0 (Auto Headshot, Menu) Download

Free Fire Hack OB38 + APK 1.81.0 (Auto Headshot, Menu) Download
Name Garena Free Fire
Publisher Garena
Latest Version 1.81.0
Genre Action
Size 412 Mb
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Auto Headshot, Menu
Get it On Google Play

Hack Free Fire is a familiar term for those who have been experiencing the game Free Fire. With the Free Fire hack, players will get many advantages during the game. To ensure safety, to avoid nick locking, gamers need to choose quality hacks. Currently, the Free Fire OB38 hack is being used the most. Details about this FF hack will be introduced below.

What is Free Fire Hack?

Free Fire is a survival shooter game published by Garena. This online game has a huge number of members. Therefore, the Hack Free Fire version is sought by many gamers. Thanks to the special features of the hack, gamers will get an advantage when climbing ranks and having fun. To meet the needs of a large number of players, game hacks have officially appeared.

hack free fire

Basically, the gameplay of the hack has not changed compared to the official version. However, the “jailbroken” version is integrated with some special features. For example, hack immortality, hack gun skins, hack diamonds, …. In Free Fire, having these items will help players increase their chances of winning. The task that every gamer is aiming for is to destroy all enemies and become the only survivor. Currently, the FF hack can be downloaded and installed on both iOS and Android platforms. For successful installation, you need to choose the standard hack, with a minimum memory capacity of 1.5GB.

Newly updated Free Fire OB38 Hacks

Why do many gamers not dare to install the hack even though the benefits are great?What players are afraid of is the level of safety. Using the hack is the fraud that the publisher has warned about. If Garena detects that you hack FF, you will definitely be locked out of your account forever. Therefore, if you want to hack, you need to find an updated version of OB38. Here are the safe and quality versions we’ve tried:

hackff auto headshot

Hack FF OB38 Auto Headshot

This Free Fire auto headshot hack helps gamers become a true marksman. No need to possess accurate aiming skills, the Auto Headshot feature of the hack helps you shoot “baby hits”. To use this hack feature, you just need to open MENU Hack then tap the fire icon on the screen to activate.

Hack Free Fire diamond

Hack KC FF OB38 gives you a huge amount of diamonds to invest and upgrade for your character. Thanks to this hack you will get 99999999 diamonds. Use this amount of free diamonds to buy the necessary things for your character.

MOD Skin Free Fire

This game hack uses special software to change some elements related to the character’s appearance. It could be the look or the outfit. In addition, the hack also allows players to change items, game effects.

immortal free fire hack

Hack Immortal FF

To use the immortal hack feature of the OB38 version, you need to go to the menu to select the details. Owning this feature makes winning easier than ever. Defeat all enemies to become the winner.

Free Fire Wall Hack

The feature of this hack allows you to see through walls. Thanks to that, you will know all the dangers lurking behind obstacles. From the passive position, you switch to the active person, immediately dealing with the person behind the wall. With the premium version, you can also see through the map.

free fire hack 999999 diamond

Free Fire Hack 99 999 diamonds

Successfully installing the hack, you will immediately receive 99999 diamonds into your game account. With this huge amount of diamonds, upgrade and equip the character to become stronger. This will help you increase your survival rate in the battle for survival.


Mod menu of the V5 version possesses not one but many special features. Thanks to these features, the goal of being the last survivor is easier than ever.

  • Wall hack.
  • Chams Color.
  • Body white.
  • Antenna.
  • Night Mode.
  • Reset Guest Account.
  • Delete report.
  • Vehicle speed buff.
  • Mekit Run.
  • ESP Locate.
  • Aimlock.

How to hack Free Fire 2023 without getting banned

To perform a Free Fire hack without locking your nick, you first need to download a standard hack. The FF Hack that MODPURE provides below is compact, easy to install and ensures the safety of gamers. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to hack FF game you can refer to:

  • Step 1: Download 2 APK and OBB files below the article => Install.
  • Step 2: Copy the entry “com.dts.freefireth” with the path “android/obb”.
  • Step 3: Install APK.
  • Step 4: Create an account => Login to hack FF.
  • Step 5: Turn on the Hack MENU.
  • Step 6: Open the game => Login to the account created in step 2 => Done.

Download Free Fire Mod Hack – Survival shooting game not to be missed

Free Fire is considered a miniature version of PUBG. That alone is enough to prove the appeal of this game. All comparisons are lame, but the experience that Free Fire brings to gamers is truly impressive. The game supports Android and iOS operating systems. Joining this survival gunfight game, you will experience moments of suspense, tension, and suffocation. Will you survive, become the winner in this fierce battle for survival?

hack free fire auto headshot

Interesting gameplay

As soon as you set foot on the military plane, remember the rules of survival in the game. The only option you have is to fight, destroy others so that you have a chance to survive. Join the game, you will be matched with 29 other players. All will be parachuted onto an island. Here, the battle for survival officially begins. Try to collect what you can, you have 40 seconds to do this. The match takes place in about 12-15 minutes, this is a time of brainstorming, full of tension. With the things you pick up, use it to sustain your life. This is the arena of life and death, kill or be killed, use all means to become the last survivor. The game emphasizes tactical elements, concentration, and good shooting and moving skills. Time is running out, the safe zone is also narrowing. At this point, the remaining players will inevitably clash with each other. So, try to destroy the enemy as much as possible.

hack ff ob

Various equipment inventory

As a survival shooter game, the game’s arsenal is not short of guns for you to choose from. In addition to common guns like the M4A1, AKM you also have the opportunity to own top-notch aiming guns like AWM, Kar98K or heavy shotgun. In addition to guns, there are many equipment and special items that help strengthen the character. Umbrellas, backpacks, helmets, vehicles. These are all necessary equipment for the process of fighting and survival. In particular, the game also has a feature to customize the character’s appearance. Players can equip, invest in appearance to increase the character’s stats. The VIP costumes in addition to the aesthetic factor also help the character become stronger. You can buy skins with money or use the FF OB32 hack.

freefire mod apk

Impressive Unity Graphics

Free Fire is highly appreciated in terms of images as well as sound. Game designed sharp 3D graphics with realistic images. From characters, maps, backgrounds to effects, costumes are all very real, meticulously designed. The most impressive are the lighting techniques in Free as well as the Unity technology. Thanks to the application of high technology, the image of the game is much more perfect. In addition, the sound elements and background music are very lively, adding to the thrill and drama of the experience.

Download Free Fire Hack APK for Android

With special features, the FF hack helps players gain an advantage in their survival journey.1 vs 29 battle, can you become the last survivor? Please equip the best weapons and costumes for the character. By downloading the Free Fire ob38 hack that we provide, it is certain that your win rate will increase significantly.


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