Download Zombie Catchers MOD + APK 1.36.7 (Unlimited Money)

Download Zombie Catchers MOD + APK 1.36.7 (Unlimited Money)
Name Zombie Catchers
Publisher Deca Games
Latest Version 1.36.7
Genre Action
Size 70 Mb
Requires Android 7.0 +
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

Games about zombies always receive special attention from gamers. However, Zombie Catchers MOD APK is rated as the most impressive. This is an attractive action game with sharp, vivid graphics, bringing players to experience many different challenges. To better understand this game, you must not miss the following interesting information.

zombiecatchers mod APK

Download Zombie Catchers mod – Chase zombies

Zombie Catchers can be seen as one of the most successful publishers Deca Games. The game belongs to the action game genre, designed specifically for mobile phones. Here, you can directly participate in the great zombie wars, fight, destroy the undead, and protect the peace of people. Also taking the theme of zombies, but Zombie Catchers gives players a completely different perspective. Each time you level up, the difficulty of the quests will also increase. However, if you complete the tasks well, the player has the opportunity to receive extremely attractive rewards.

Gameplay is quite interesting

The human world is threatened by epidemics. The appearance of zombies seriously affects people’s lives. The raging of zombies makes people face the danger of survival, the apocalypse is not far away. Zombie Catchers is a game designed in the form of hunting zombies. The player has the main and most important task to attack and destroy the zombie hordes. The undead were once humans but were attacked and controlled by their will. When bitten by them, humans will turn into zombies.

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Actions and tasks

The attacks of zombies will be overwhelming and create many surprises for players. Just a few minutes of neglect, you will quickly be defeated and lost. Here are a few key operations and tasks when participating in this game.

Watch out

Zombies can appear anywhere, in any direction. Therefore, if you do not observe carefully, you will definitely not be able to counterattack. When moving, pay close attention. Use powerful attacks to drain the zombie force. Speed ​​and dexterity are the most essential factors right now.

Use offensive weapon

Weapons and equipment are indispensable when attacking zombies. You need to make quick attacks to prevent zombies from having a chance to counterattack. Zombie Catchers brings an extremely diverse arsenal of weapons, in which the javelin gun has the effect of supporting long-range attacks with great damage. Players can also use helicopters to attack from above. This way helps you avoid rushing attacks from zombies and have the opportunity to own more bonus points, weapons with great destructive power from the game system.

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Hunting zombies

Join the game, you can combine with friends to hunt zombies, improve strength. Zombie Catchers offers a chase and hide feature, helping players make a surprise attack on the undead. Then use the harpoon gun to catch the zombies. When zombies are tied up and fly into the air, your teammates will help you catch and kill them. The action repeats with other types of zombies until all zombies are captured alive. Note, when chasing the undead, pay attention to the path. On the way there will appear obstacles to hinder you. If you accidentally crash, you will play again from the beginning.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK Version

  • Infinite Ammo

Zombie Catchers mod is a simple, attractive action game and attracts a large number of participants, In recent times, the number of gamers participating in the game has increased every day, which has proved the attraction thatgame brings. In terms of graphics, sound or gameplay of Zombie Catchers are irreproachable. Hope the above information has helped you get the most overview of this game. Good luck in your battles.


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