Download Will it Crush? MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) + APK 1.6.1

Download Will it Crush? MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) + APK 1.6.1
Name Will it Crush?
Publisher Brightika
Latest Version 1.6.1
Genre Simulation
Size 43M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Diamonds
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Will it Crush?Curious right from the name. Many people guess that this is a game on the topic of dating and love. However, the English language is also very multi-sense. So, Crush in the game is understood in the sense of “crushing”. There will not be any characters appearing in this game. Instead, the screen crushing blocks is simple but extremely entertaining. With Will it Crush?MOD APK, you can relax with extremely simple levels.

mod Will it Crush

Download Will it Crush Mod – Crush everything possible

Will it Crush is a casual game published by Voodoo. This seemingly simple game creates an impressive “seismic”. That is the overwhelming number of downloads on both Android and iOS platforms. Not only is it great, it’s also free. Therefore, more and more people choose to download and experience this game. Simplicity pervades the entire game, from gameplay to graphics. However, the entertainment nature is extremely great.

Gears crush everything

Just by looking at the game, you immediately understand how to play this game. On the vertical screen there are 2 gears and the square blocks fall from the top. The player’s task is to perform a finger slide operation on the screen so that this wheel crushes and changes the color of the square. Just like a factory destroys everything, everything that falls will “turn to ashes”.download Willit Crush hackThe difficulty of the game increases gradually based on the size of the squares. Initially, the very small squares made crushing extremely easy. However, at higher levels, their size is much larger. To grind it you need to be really patient. Compared to the beginning, these squares need more time to process. If you do not meet the requirements of the game, you lose and have to start from the beginning. The more blocks you crush, the more money and experience points you get. If you want to quickly solve large blocks, you can invest in speed packs. If you want to use this package, of course you have to spend money to buy it. The next activation amount will be higher than the previous one. Therefore, if you do not want to fall into bankruptcy, you should consider carefully before using it.

Upgrade the crusher

The blocks are the challenge and the gears are your fighting weapon. To work efficiently, upgrade and improve your crusher. This item has specific stats like a character in action games. Specifically like Speed, teeth, marketing,…. Reach a certain level, you can upgrade. At this point, the screen will signal the light button on the upgradable stats. The decision to upgrade or not is up to you.

hackWill it Crush

In addition, if you can’t level up forever, if you play a level forever, then persistently plow the previous levels. This way helps you earn more money as well as experience. When accumulating enough money, upgrade the crusher cake to make it work better. With enough power, it doesn’t matter how big the block is.


If you’ve ever played a game of Voodoo, you probably know the “specialty” of this publisher. Those are the ads that appear a lot. This greatly affects the player’s experience. However, you can say goodbye to this nuisance by purchasing an ad pack. Or simply play in offline mode, without an internet connection.

Graphics and sound

It can be concluded with a “simple” word when it comes to the sound and graphics of the game. Inherently the overall game is simple, the graphics are also difficult to be complex and detailed. What you see is just a vertical screen with square blocks and 2 round gears. The color is also nothing outstanding, on the black background are 3 colors white, red and yellow. In addition, the fun in the sound makes the game more attractive and entertaining.

download modWill it Crush

MOD version of Will it Crush?APK

  • Infinite Diamonds

Why not kill time with simple, fun games like Will it Crush?No need to fight stress, no need to think to pass the level. Simply touch to crush them all. Download Will it Crush?MOD APK to enjoy the feeling of crushing everything.


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