Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2 MOD (No Ads) + APK

Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2 MOD (No Ads) + APK
Name Talking Tom Gold Run 2
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Latest Version
Genre Action
Size 97 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD No ads
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Have you ever dreamed of having a pet?For some reason you can’t feed them. Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2 now, you will be able to raise cats right on your phone. With extremely simple gameplay. Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2 MOD APK now if you are ready to take care of your pet cats.

download Talking Tom Gold Run 2 mod

Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Mod – Endless running with Tom cat

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 is a game from the famous game publisher – Outfit7 Limited. Players will join the cat Tom to chase the gold thief.


Talking Tom Gold Run 2 revolves around the main character, the cat Tom. This is a character that appears in many virtual pet farming simulation games. Therefore, the cat Tom is a familiar character for many players.

Target Tom

Coming to Talking Tom Gold Run 2, the cat Tom will perform an endless racing task. Therefore, the player has the task of helping the cat overcome obstacles on the road. Simultaneously collect gold on the track and achieve record high scores. As a game that runs non-stop, the cat Tom will not be able to stop in the middle of the game screen. The cat not only runs continuously on the road, but also avoids all obstacles so as not to get injured. Players need to constantly touch the screen, move Tom back and forth three lanes to collect gold coins smoothly and without missing any loot. Because the more gold, the easier the upgrade process later.

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Talking Tom Gold Run 2 is an endless run game, so the operation of the game is not complicated. Players only need to use the simplest control, which is to touch the screen to control Tom’s running direction. However, the running direction cannot be determined, you will get a high score. Reaction speed, observation skills, and agile manipulation are the factors that help you get high scores. In particular, in the following levels, a large number of obstacles appear. With a dense frequency and size, approximating the distance for you to avoid obstacles will help the cat wriggle and easily overcome his obstacles.

Items on the track

Tom cat not only avoids obstacles while running on the road, but also has to collect items dropped by thieves. These items all have sparkling colors, they can appear at any time on the track. Even if you are avoiding obstacles, they will appear. However, players need to be skillful to be able to collect items even while dodging the obstacles that are aimed at them. But then, they give you many special abilities. For example, run a few times faster or knock out obstacles on the road, …

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 does not bring boredom to players. Because the new space will constantly change, not in any particular order. The transitions often appear at the bad roads. Overcoming them will be a space with completely different scenery and obstacles. With the goal of catching the gold thief on the run. Therefore, when completing the task, the player will receive huge rewards. The obstacles are just the first challenges for you. Run a little longer, the player will take on the last and most important challenge. If you win, you will stop your chase here.

Game mechanics

It can be said that this is also an addictive detail for players. Because when the player has quick and skillful control over obstacles, it will help Tom run more. Objectives are also completed consecutively making the upgrade process much faster and easier. Besides, upgrading is also a favorite element in the game. Players get to own the treasure when you collect many obstacles on the way. With these items you can score points and increase your position on the leaderboards. At the same time, can also increase running speed and have the ability to explode obnoxious obstacles on the road.

When the player reaches a high score, you will open many skins for the character. From fancy items like costumes to cool helmets, also have the right to own other valuable items.

MOD version of Talking Tom Gold Run 2 APK

  • No advertising
  • Unlimited money

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 has continued the success of the previous version. With beautiful graphics, warehouse missions and attractive gameplay. This is a game worth playing today. Not only parents can play but even children in the house can play to improve their skills. What are you hesitating for without downloading Talking Tom Gold Run 2 mod APK to your device and help Tom cat chase gold thieves?


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