Download Survival Simulator MOD + APK 0.2.2 (Unbeatable Enemies, Unlimited Money)

Download Survival Simulator MOD + APK 0.2.2 (Unbeatable Enemies, Unlimited Money)
Name Survival Simulator
Publisher Catsbit Games
Latest Version 0.2.2
Genre Simulation
Size 82 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Enemies can't attack, unlimited money
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Survival Simulator MOD APK is an interesting and engaging survival simulation game. The place to test your survival skills in the jungle, wild. To survive for a long time, you need to find food, set up a shelter, build a house, defend yourself against the attack of wild animals including zombies… Download Survival Simulator mod money to survive more easily.

Download Survival Simulator mod – Overcoming danger to survive

Survival Simulator is a pretty unique game that takes you to a wild, challenging environment. You are alone against beasts and zombie monsters to survive by survival skills. You need to explore the surroundings, set up camp, build shelter and collect everything. You must equip yourself with the ability to defend by all means, or you will be injured at any time. At Survival Simulator, faith, courage and courage are always important factors to help players fight against all dangers.

download Survival Simulator mod money


In Survival Simulator, the player has to complete all the missions so as not to be killed by wild beasts and monsters in the wild jungle. You will decide and fight alone, improving your own weapons to improve survival. Accordingly, you can not only defeat beasts and zombies, but also conquer wild nature.

Try to survive

To survive in the wild, hunting animals and finding food are essential skills. You need to make sure you always have food in reserve, have enough food for meals. Collect food from nearby locations. In Survival Simulator, you have to use all real-life survival skills to fight against harsh natural circumstances. Don’t forget to make a fire to cook food and find a way to light up the shelter area when night comes. Because this is the time when the monsters are more active. Players, need to try to keep the fire burning, in order to control the dangers around.

Shelter facility

In Survival Simulator, you need to take advantage of the map, bow and ax crafted before to build a shelter. Harvesting the wood and surrounding resources available will help you complete your shelter as quickly as possible. This is also where you come back from hunting and fighting or temporarily dodging without letting the enemy know. Choose a suitable and safe terrain to defend when monsters attack. You must always pay attention to observe, defend to not be attacked by surprise on the base. Thoroughly equip everything, absolutely do not let monsters destroy your stronghold.

Survival Simulator mod money APK

Danger Everywhere

You have to fight alone, shoot zombies and monsters to survive. Any location or area on the island will have danger lurking. Therefore, build a strong stronghold to destroy as many zombies as possible. At this point you need to strategize, know how to move smart to deal with all difficulties. Accompanying that is courage in the face of all dangerous challenges. Players need to find and stock up on food to guard against predators that are looking for ways to devour you.

MOD APK version of Survival Simulator

  • Unlimited money
  • Enemy cannot attack

Survival Simulator is a survival simulation game that attracts many players by its thrilling and dramatic experiences. Download and join now Survival Simulator mod money to test your survival ability!


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