Download Stickman The Flash MOD (Immortal, Map Unlock) + APK 1.77.11

Download Stickman The Flash MOD (Immortal, Map Unlock) + APK 1.77.11
Name Stickman The Flash
Publisher StormHit Games
Latest Version 1.77.11
Genre Action
Size 43 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 +
MOD Immortal, Map Unlock
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Stickman The Flash MOD APK (Unlimited Money) deserves a unique stickman action game for phones. The Stickman guy conquers all game genres with his special appearance and diverse abilities. In this game, you will play the role of a stickman with special fighting skills. Become a hero to save the world, defeat the strongest enemies in Stickman The Flash.

download Stickman The Flash mod

Download Stickman The Flash Mod – Role-playing stickman hero

There are many challenges waiting for you in Stickman The Flash. With many interesting levels, exploit all the skills, strengths of your character and your own tactical thinking to overcome them all. In the form of a small stickman is a great source of strength. Combined with the addictive gameplay “written” by the concept staff of StormHit Games, you will surely have an impressive experience with the game.

Impressive gameplay

Stickman The Flash is a very ordinary game but has a huge number of downloads. In the process of playing the game, you will realize that this game has such a great attraction thanks to its unique gameplay. Although very simple, the more you play, the more addictive it becomes. Join this action game, you will play as a stickman hero. Your mission is to fight against dangerous enemies to protect the peace of the world.

modStickman The Flash

There are many challenges ahead, waiting for you to conquer and discover. Enemies attack you everywhere with dangerous powers and powerful weapons. Your only option is to move forward. Flexible combination of moves and the entire skill set of the character to destroy them all. With a swipe of the screen, touching the position, the stickman will move to the right place. Thanks to the automatic mechanism, when facing an enemy, the character will automatically launch an attack that deals damage to the opponent.

Many interesting challenges

Stickman The Flash has many levels for you to conquer. In the early levels, passing the level is extremely simple. The target at the first level is 7200 points. After defeating the opponent, you will unlock the next level. The required number of points at the next level is higher than the previous level. Enemies are usually white stickmen, with mid-range combat skills. However, when you reach high levels, you will face terrible bosses. The final boss in the game can be a ninja or a warrior with formidable power. When facing the boss, you need to fight with all your skills and experience. They are not as simple as they seem. Boss attacks are extremely dangerous. The blow goes fast with great damage, the attack is dangerous and unpredictable.

StickmanThe Flash mod

If you want to beat the boss, react quickly, combine flexibly with your skills and “cabinet” attacks. If you see no chance to win, dodge, maintain a defensive position to find the opponent’s weak points. As soon as you have the opportunity, counterattack quickly so that they do not have time to react. Defeating the boss, you can collect loot as their weapon to continue for the next levels.

Great weapon system

It can be seen that the most important qualities of the player in Stickman The Flash are speed and reflexes. During the match, you launch a fast, strong attack and the enemy’s weak point will cause them to take large amounts of damage. Combined with that is the ability to reflect. This skill will help you avoid attacks from enemies. If you want to increase your chances of winning, don’t forget to equip yourself with the right combat weapon. Especially when dealing with dangerous bosses like ninjas or demon warriors.

StickmanThe Flash hack

The system of weapons and items in Stickman The Flash gives you the freedom to choose what suits your fighting style. In addition to weapons, buy more armor and some other body protection equipment. These equipment both protect you and increase the damage done to the enemy. For example, with armor, the defense of the stickman will increase, reducing the damage received from the enemy. Or with a pair of shoes, you can move faster. The shop is full of cool equipment for stickman. However, everything is not free. To own it, you need to spend a certain amount of money. In addition, you can also pick up items dropped from enemies after defeating them.

Simple 2D Graphics

Stickman The Flash is designed with a very simple 2D graphic style. Stickman is the simplest form of hero in the hero lines. However, it is this that has created the unique as well as the highlight for the game. To increase the visual experience, the context as well as the effects are properly invested.

download Stickman The Flash mod

Mysterious style, monochromatic tones and magical light. When stickman fights, motion effects and elements such as light and sound have contributed to creating a dramatic and exciting fight. In general, both the picture and the sound are the plus points of this game.

MOD version of Stickman The Flash APK

  • Immortal
  • Unlock Map

With outstanding features, Stickman The Flash game promises to bring you the quality of experience you want. Gaming is most important for relaxation, comfort and entertainment. Fortunately, in this game, you can completely feel it in a true and complete way. Download Stickman The Flash MOD APK to your device to experience the game right away.


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