Download Soccer Super Star MOD (Unlimited Rewind) + APK 0.2.55

Download Soccer Super Star MOD (Unlimited Rewind) + APK 0.2.55
Name Soccer Super Star
Publisher Real Free Soccer
Latest Version 0.2.55
Genre Sports
Size 137 MB
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Network
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Real FreeStyle Soccer’s Soccer Super Star is loved by many gamers because of its beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay. Of course, compared to other popular names, this game is only at the top quite well. However, this does not mean that you will not find relaxation as well as many other great feelings during the game experience. If you love football games, at least once you should try this game to get the most objective reviews. In particular, with Soccer Super Star MOD APK version, you will experience more interesting features during the game.

download Soccer Super Star mod

Download Soccer Super Star Mod – Build the strongest team

Talking about sports games, it is difficult for any subject to “surpass” football. The attraction of the king sport is hard to put into words. Billions of people around the planet watch a football match. This is enough to see the great thing that this sport has to offer. Football is not just a sport. It is something to bond with, a special spiritual food, a dream and passion of many people. Perhaps that is why, football games like Soccer Super Star are also more interested. In this game, you can burn yourself out on the pitch, with the skillful skills of a top talented player.

Simple gameplay

Compared to other football games, Soccer Super Star has a much simpler gameplay. The game building 2D graphics combined with 3D brings eye-catching gameplay. It will not take you long to get used to the player control as well as the gameplay throughout the game. Want to pass the ball, perform the most basic football techniques, you just need to perform extremely simple operations.

modSoccer Super Star

For each ball, you need to press the arrow to locate and dribble the ball to the intended target. With just such a simple navigation, the ball will “land” at the right place that you have calculated. The ball flies extremely skillfully without having to perform “bulky” handling phases. All techniques and situations that take place on the field are very easy to understand. Whether it’s just a pass or a free kick, a shot, everything is done according to a specific principle.

Challenge in each level

In the first levels in Soccer Super Star, you will find everything seems simple and somewhat tedious. However, everything changes as you progress to higher levels. At this point, your opponent is much stronger. All are experienced players with good technique. The team competes with smart tactics and comprehensive defensive play. Even with penalties there is no guarantee you will succeed. The opponent’s lineup changes over time. Everything is on another level with comprehensive and methodical. In these rounds, there aren’t any “novice” players loitering on the field for you to easily pass. The opponent has a tight squad, good coordination, strong defenders, and good goalscoring strikers. If you want to win, make sure your team has to be above them. Only then will you score the opponent’s goal, win to stand on the podium.

download Soccer Super Star mod

Moving the ball, scoring goals in Soccer Super Star is only easy in the early levels. Later on, you will find things seem a lot more difficult. Straight passes are impossible. There is also no such thing as standing firmly in front of the opponent’s goal alone and finishing. All players in the squad need to have coordination, together to create a solid defense, the most effective attack.

Upgrade the team

The difficulty of the game screen increases gradually, the opponent is also stronger over time. Therefore, you also need to upgrade the squad, recruit talented players, use the right tactics. Getting the ball into the opponent’s goal is a great success. However, to do this is not easy. The opponent’s goalkeeper has the ability to catch extremely sticky. He can cross, react quickly and block your every ball. You can only get past the goalkeeper of your team with high-class and skillful ball techniques. If you want to have the technique of a superstar, upgrading is essential. Please hone your skills, improve your fitness to be able to play at your best. The upgrade mode in the game is very simple. When you have accumulated enough points as required, this process takes place automatically. The upgrade process here takes place in both appearance as well as character skills.

Getting stronger

Both you and the opponent become stronger through the levels in Soccer Super Star. While you upgrade, they don’t stand still. The opponent’s upgrade takes place as a default setting. Therefore, the match on the field is an even match. The difficulty of the levels increases gradually through each scene. You need to focus on the players to keep everything in sync. The biggest difference is that gamers only need to upgrade the player element. All other things like attack, defense, tactics, formation will also automatically raise the bar.

hackSoccer Super Star

Sharp graphics

The graphics of Soccer Super Star are also very popular with players. The movements of the players are smooth and realistic. The transitions as well as the intro before each football match are very professional with 3D graphics. Meanwhile, the entire game development exploits a top-down perspective. This diverse, multi-dimensional, flexible graphic style creates a new feeling for players. Besides, the sound in Soccer Super Star also received positive reviews. The background music, the sound of the fans, the sound of collisions on the field, …. All create an exciting match, full of enthusiasm and emotional explosion.

MOD Version of Soccer Super Star APK

  • Infinite Network
  • No advertising

For football lovers, no matter how many games they watch, no matter how many matches they play, they will not be bored. If you want to change the wind with a new football environment in a special game, you can try Soccer Super Star. This simple, fun game will give you new emotions right on the pitch. Download Soccer Super Star mod to become a professional player with top class skills.


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