Download MOD (Unlocked Skin) + APK 2.1.3

Download MOD (Unlocked Skin) + APK 2.1.3
Publisher Kooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games
Latest Version 2.1.3
Genre Action
Size 64 MB
Requires Android 5.0 +
MOD Skin Unlock
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What’s the difference in the 4.0 era snake game?Experience MOD APK (Unlock skin), you will immediately see the interesting points that this game built in the style of predatory snakes brings. The gameplay is super simple, but the attraction is not to be discussed. Try and get addicted to playing in every spare time. Are you ready to join this fascinating modern game inspired by the classic game of the time?


There have been many games built in the style of predatory snakes released on the market. The plot is different, the graphics have their own highlights, but in general, the gameplay still follows the classic snake game. Speaking of the most successful and resonant snake games, cannot be mod

A fascinating game of hunting

Over 100 million downloads and millions of positive reviews. Although the gameplay is so familiar, gamers still love and give special affection to this game. Simply because it is easy to play, highly relaxing, can be opened, entered and started at any time without having to continue the complicated process. Kooapps Games’ fun hunting game builds on a “candy” control mechanism. Just touch the screen to move flexibly to control the character. Throughout this mortal arena, you will meet many opponents with the same goal. Take advantage of the opportunity to eat a lot of prey, avoid colliding with strong opponents. When you collect more prey, the size and strength increase, you no longer have to be bored with any opponent. Go head-to-head with weaker opponents, defeat them to get a more optimal advantage. Every time you finish an opponent, you will absorb “elite” from them. The number of bonus points from eating glowing color from transformed dead prey will be higher than normal food.hack

Classic hunting gameplay

In the past, we could sit for hours trying to press the small snake control key on the black and white phone screen. Now, on smartphones, you’ll be hunting in a much more expansive, voyeuristic landscape. At the beginning of the game, you have the right to choose a snake that you like. After that, the hunting arena officially opened. Here, you will compete online with many other snakes. Each snake is controlled by one player. So this will be a real battle between gamers. In this arena, all is fair. Light bait appears on the map, whoever is skillful and wise will collect a lot. The original sizes of the snakes were all similar. Through the process of collecting bait, the size of each snake will gradually increase. The more bait you can eat, the faster the size will increase. Glow bait not only helps snakes grow in length, but also increases strength. Besides hunting, you also need to strategize to eliminate good opponents on the battle map. Choose smaller opponents to “treat”. With a larger, stronger opponent, it is best to plan a defense, avoiding it is best. Most of the snakes’ speeds are the same. However, if you want, you can use the acceleration button in cases where it is necessary to make the snake move mod

Interesting system

The point that makes players feel the most interesting is probably the skins system that the game provides. The gameplay is so familiar, but the design and shape of snakes in is extremely new. Much of this uniqueness comes from the unique costumes that the game brings. What do you think about a “dog” snake or a dragon or cat snake?There are even ninja costumes for these special characters. Each costume helps the snake to change its shape and style. This change in appearance greatly contributes to the user’s entertainment experience. Of course, costumes are not provided for free. If you want to freely change the costumes without worrying about the money to buy, you can use the mod with unlimited money.

Online Arena

As an online arena, so you will participate in the hunt, compete with other snakes. To defeat the enemy, you need to collect many prey to increase strength. When you become a large snake, the longest size in the arena, the possibility of you topping the leaderboard when the level ends is very high. In addition, the game also allows you to play with friends, team up in team mode to conquer this attractive snake hunting hack

MOD version of APK

  • Unlock skin

Find something new from the familiar. This will definitely help you get a lot of interesting experiences. Get back to the old days with the colorful hunting scenes that this new generation game brings.Download mod skin to conquer this exciting arena right now.


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