Download Sky: Children of the Light MOD (Unlimited Energy) + APK 0.17.1 (189403)

Download Sky: Children of the Light MOD (Unlimited Energy) + APK 0.17.1 (189403)
Name Sky: Children of the Light
Publisher thatgamecompany inc
Latest Version 0.17.1 (189403)
Genre Role Playing
Size 1.3 Gb
Requires Android 8.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited energy
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Download Hack Sky: Children of the Light MOD APK (Unlimited Energy) you will be immersed in a mysterious and gentle scene. This is an intellectual adventure game that is very popular today. Want to learn more about this game?Don’t miss the following content!

Download Sky: Children of the Light Mod – Mystery World Adventure Game

If you know the two popular PC games Journey and Flower, it is probably no stranger to developer Thatgamecompany. This is a very experienced American developer with adventure role-playing games. So far, Sky: Children of the Light is Thatgamecompany’s only mobile game (Android and iOS only). This is a completely free intellectual adventure game.

Sky: Children of the Lights Main Story

Taking the main background from the kingdom of light, the image in Sky: Children of the Light is very magnificent with many beautiful colors. It was the kingdom of Sky, the country that gave birth to children of light. Role-playing the character in the game you have the task of finding and bringing ancestral souls to the correct position of the constellations. You need to cross out many vast grasslands, wild sand dunes, ancient towers, ladder furnaces, … to complete the assigned mission.

download mod Sky Children of the Light

When it comes to decoding the constellations, many of you think that this game will be very difficult. But it’s not like that!The game is controlled very freely, no need to follow the script, so you can play very comfortably. As for how to play, you will be guided through everything in detail, so don’t worry. All solutions will have instructions!

Game play

It can be said that Sky: Children of the Light is a game with a fairly free puzzle adventure. This is also the reason why many gamers are “addicted” to this game. On the way to adventure to carry out the mission you will encounter a lot of “hard to chew” puzzles pre-programmed for the game. You need to solve the puzzle and find the hidden secrets in turn. Those secrets are inadvertently extremely useful for you to complete the task. Note: Pay attention to everything you see, don’t overlook even the smallest thing. That could very well be an important hint for you to solve the puzzle.

Communicate with many other players

You will not be alone when playing Sky: Children of the Light. The game allows you to interact with players from all countries. You can communicate, chat and even find adventure-loving friends to accompany you. When you achieve good results, you can also “show off” to everyone by sharing on the game. Before starting to play, you are allowed to adjust the character according to your preferences such as gender, face, costume, …

Graphic design in the game Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light will bring you to a beautiful and magical world. The game designs many beautiful destinations and organizes various large and small events. The effects of color, light, sound, … in the game will help you feel more excited about this trip. To create so many great images, the merits of graphic design cannot be ignored. The producer has focused on every detail of character images, trees, animals, …. It can be said that what you experience in the game has shown the enthusiasm of the graphic designer.

Sky: Children of the Light is the perfect combination of story and puzzle game. Every image, feature, sound, puzzle, … in the game is coordinated perfectly. With a simple plot but very suitable for the intellectual game genre, Sky: Children of the Light will definitely help you have great entertainment moments.

MOD Version of Sky: Children Of The Light APK

  • Unlimited Energy
  • Full Unlock

As can be seen, the full-energy Sky: Children Of The Light mod has a good plot and impressive gameplay. You can role-play the character and go to new lands. It will be worth the experience!


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