Download Shadow of Death 2 MOD (Unlimited Money, Soul, HP) + APK 2.16.0

Download Shadow of Death 2 MOD (Unlimited Money, Soul, HP) + APK 2.16.0
Name Shadow of Death 2
Publisher Bravestars Games
Latest Version 2.16.0
Genre Action
Size 636 MB
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Infinite Souls, HP
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Shadow of Death 2 retains the same highlights as its predecessor. The hack-n-slash gameplay combines the combat role-playing style to bring about eye-catching hacks and slashes. How the battle between justice warriors and monsters, finding peace for the kingdom of Aurora, depends on the player’s own ability. Will you confidently overcome all challenges, find the light for the land in Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK?

Download Shadow of Death 2 Mod – Confront Dark Monsters

If you’re a hardcore fan of the fighting role-playing genre, you’ve probably tried hit names like Shadow Fight or Shadow Knight. In Shadow of Death 2, you can find silhouettes of these titles. This is easy to understand because they all have fast-paced gameplay. However, each game has a storyline as well as uniqueness in the game screen. Therefore, every game is successful, releasing many different parts. For Shadow of Death 2, you will play the role of a shadow warrior, fighting against monsters to find peace for the kingdom. Bravestars Games’ 2D graphics and shadows will not let you down. Have you looked at Shadow Of Death 1 on MODPURE?

Continued plot

Most action role-playing games have very unique storylines. Part 2, the story is continued with the details that match, with logic with the predecessor. In the first part, the kingdom of Aurora has fallen due to the king’s wrong experiment. From a promised land to hell in an instant. This has caused Aurora to cover the darkness, death is always permanent. At this time, the imperial power seemed helpless, unable to do anything to end this tragedy. The hope of finding the light of this place gradually disappeared until a traveler named Maximus appeared.

Max wakes up with the memory gone. Fortunately, during the time he was injured, a kind girl at Aurora took care of him. However, one day, monsters kidnapped the girl. From here, Max begins his journey to find the whereabouts of the girl as well as find his memories. He wandered all over the kingdom of Aurora. This is also a journey to fight against monsters, destroy all enemies, regain light for the kingdom.

hack-n-slash gameplay

With the pace of play in each screen, Shadow of Death 2 makes players feel nervous and suffocated in confrontation phases. Combining role-playing, fighting and adventure genres, the game brings many interesting surprises for gamers. As a shadow warrior, you have unsurpassed skill and strength. With the sword of death, destroy all monsters that stand in your way. After a certain period, big bosses will appear. The challenge in the later levels will be more difficult. Therefore, you need to learn how to control flexibly, make the most of your skills and the damage of the sword to overcome all challenges. Like its predecessor, in this part 2, you can experience 1 of 2 game modes, Adventure or Challenge. If you choose Adventure, you will be challenged with story-based missions. This mode has many chapters, each chapter has many challenges. Completing each level increases your combat stats. In some levels, if you’re lucky, you can get very good items and equipment.

Shadow of Death 2 mod

This mode has 2 maps, each map has many challenges. The details that appear during the battle cannot be underestimated. Such as birds. They can rush at you to attack extremely fast and sharp. To beat it is not easy. You will have to watch the color change as they prepare to attack for accurate slashing. For the other mode is Challenge, you can experience it as soon as the publisher updates.

Control and equipment

Overall, the console of Shadow of Death 2 is like other games of the same genre. On the left is a virtual Joystick button for you to move the character. On the right are buttons that summarize each character’s skills such as jumping, attacking, … Combining keys at the same time correctly and flexibly will help you launch powerful moves to finish the enemy.direction.

hack Shadow of Death 2

Regarding the equipment and item system, the game also received a lot of positive reviews. There are many specialized weapons with impressive designs and outstanding powers you can use. Equipment can be earned by completing quests or purchased with money. For the warrior to have more power, use the legendary sword with the hardest armor. In particular, the weapons in the game are divided into 4 different types. They are not only different in appearance, but also in their ability to create damage. The effect of each sword will make you mesmerized.

Characters and graphics

There will be no choice for the player about the character because throughout the game there is only one warrior. Maybe in the near future, the game company will add more. However, for now, this still does not affect the player’s experience. Want to make a unique impression for Max, you can change the outfit and add more accessories.

As a shadow war, the images in the game are designed to be minimalistic. The 2D graphic style uses mysterious black with some glare in weapon effects as well as energy fired in combat. Can’t see the face, only see the silhouette of the character. This creates a unique impression for the game. The movement is generally very smooth, the martial arts moves are beautiful. All create the most eye-catching and dramatic fights.

MOD Version of Shadow of Death 2 APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Souls
  • One Hit
  • Immortal
  • Menu

Objectively, Shadow of Death 2 is a game that deserves a download button from you. Whether it is the plot, the image or the quest in the game, it is very impressive. Martial arts action, combo attacks let you unleash your skills. Download Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK to your device to play the role of warrior Max on the way to find the light for Aurora right now!


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