Download Psyroom: Horror of Reason MOD (Free Hints) + APK 0.14

Download Psyroom: Horror of Reason MOD (Free Hints) + APK 0.14
Name Psyroom: Horror of Reason
Publisher Arleano Games
Latest Version 0.14
Genre Horror
Size 48M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Free Suggestions
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Unsolved horror mystery stories always hide a strange attraction for every player. Psyroom: Horror of Reason MOD APK (Free Hints) is a horror role-playing game that is not too epic and famous, but definitely enough to make your heart skip a beat. You are invited to spend a terrifying night in a mental hospital, which is full of sick people and serial killers.

Download Psyroom: Horror of Reason Mod – Horror survival game in mental hospital

Psyroom: Horror of Reason published by Arleano Games is a horror role-playing game. But this is not an adventure, this is a fight for survival. Strange mental hospital – where players are tortured and locked up, every passing day is a dark day. Your mission is to escape from this scary place at all costs.

Why do players still play horror games even though they’re scared?

Horror game is a game theme that hits the hidden corners of the psychology and mind of each person. Beliefs, beliefs that have been “sow” from many other places and extremely strange fears. A horror game that takes players on an adventure in a world of emotions that are both scared, trembling and curious to continue playing. Have you ever asked yourself that since when did you know fear, why are you afraid of this and that?There are people who are afraid to look in the mirror at night, there are people who are afraid of enclosed spaces, some people are afraid of feeling alone in a deserted place, etc. That’s why horror games were created to show what is worth it. Fear is in the depths of everyone’s mind. When you join, you can choose to confront the horror that lies behind. Or choose to run away, or even stop playing the game.

Psyroom Horror of Reason mod

The scary mental hospital in Psyroom: Horror of Reason


The context revolves around the game Psyroom: Horror of Reason is a mental hospital. Referring to this, many of you must have imagined 1001 scary things. The hospital space built in this game is filled with crazy people, sick mental patients and sometimes even serial killers. But that’s still not the scariest thing. The new perverted doctor is the scariest thing in Psyroom: Horror of Reason. Coming to this game, you will become a victim of an experiment, appearing on a hospital bed. The doctor has a very honest appearance, but inside there is an evil spirit. He opened this hospital to search for victims for a crazy experiment called “Survival #666”. These are considered demonic numbers. Never before has a victim survived this terrible mental hospital.

Psyroom Horror of Reason hack

For some reason you have become the next victim he chooses. Woke up in a dark room, limbs locked in bed. In front of you is the “honest” doctor. According to the plot, at this point you still think he’s a benevolent, kind doctor. The perverted doctor injects you with some mysterious drug and starts talking to your groin about dreams. Until you really fall asleep. Your life takes a completely different turn from here. Since that day, you often have horrible nightmares. You have to face the horrors of sinking into many layers of hell. In the dream you see your own fears, they come out of the dream and turn into disgusting monsters in reality. Unable to get out, you are forced to return to bed to “gnaw” the suffering of each day.

How to play

To escape from this hospital, you must not only hide from the doctor, but also escape from the fear of taking the form of a monster every night. Furthermore, the symbols left by other patients must be deciphered. Hide, decode symbols and link them together. You will have the opportunity to be the first to escape from this cruel experiment. Most of the time in Psyroom: Horror of Reason is about running away from enemies and solving puzzles. It requires players not only to be flexible in control, but also to be agile before dangerous moments and to use their brains to think. Although the puzzles are not too difficult, in an anxious situation, fear will make you feel confused.


Quite similar to other horror games on mobile. Psyroom: Horror of Reason is designed with gloomy images, frustrating contexts and a series of scary rushing sounds. Ambiguous darkness combined with creepy sticky animals of all shapes and sizes, the perverted doctor can do scary things if he catches you.

mod Psyroom Horror of Reason

Beyond the fears is the curiosity of each person. The story behind the mental hospital is gradually revealed. You will figure everything out and find a way out of here before it’s too late.

MOD Version of Psyroom: Horror of Reason APK

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Although not a very long game, but Psyroom: Horror of Reason MOD APK is a horror puzzle quite interesting and worth playing. Quickly download the game and experience the horror in the game.


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