Download Tag After School MOD (Unlocked) + APK 1.01

Download Tag After School MOD (Unlocked) + APK 1.01
Name Tag After School
Publisher Hippo VPN LLC
Latest Version 1.01
Genre Horror
Size 28 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlocked All
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Tag After School MOD APK (Unlocked) is different from other horror games you’ve ever played. Both scared, stressed, and excited by scenes labeled 18+. If you want to experience all these strange and intertwined emotions, play Tag After School right away.

About Tag After School

Just hearing the name of the game that combines the genre it is aimed at is enough for gamers to stand still. Horror, hot ball, scary in a very own way. That’s what you can feel when enjoying the 18+ Japanese-style horror game called Tag After School.

TagAfter School mod

Unique “one-of-a-kind” genre

Often horror is only associated with action or survival, combat. But no, this game goes its own way with a unique combination. What do you think about running away or facing the school ghost who is hungry for love?The fear and lust burned by the scenes in the game can make you blush in embarrassment. Just the introduction to the game genre alone is enough for curious gamers to want to try it right away. Same game but experience many feelings. More importantly, you are in complete control of yourself and choose the actions that you feel are appropriate. Follow the character’s footsteps, moving through each overcast area. There are situations that make you feel creepy. But there are also revealing scenes that put you to shame. The game is built closely in terms of plot, gameplay, scenes and missions. Therefore, you can hope to experience a game that is both good in content and visually pleasing.

The plot has depth

The main character in the game is a handsome, pure Japanese schoolboy named Shota-Kun. He has a scholarly appearance, warm but introverted. Therefore, in class he is always isolated, his friends bully him. One day, after being chased by a group of peculiar friends, he escaped into an abandoned school.

TagAfter School hack

There, Shot-Kun meets a strange girl, who leads him deep into the school. From here, the horror story officially begins. He meets many witches with very strange stories. All are ghosts of wandering schoolgirls. Because they want to suck aura to regenerate, they find ways to “attack” Shota-Kun. These female ghosts together “played” Shota-Kun with their signature chase game. The game starts and ends at 6am. If by this point, no one can catch Shota-Kun, he will be able to get home safely. On the contrary, if you can’t escape, imagine a handsome male student alone in the midst of many love-hungry ghosts. As a result, only playing Tag After School yourself will have the answer.

Interesting gameplay

Based on the plot details, your task in the game is to help Shota-Kun escape from this ghostly school. The game belongs to the horror chase series so you need to act to find the key and escape from this place. In the process of finding the key that opens the door of terror, you will have to act carefully. Instead of confronting directly, hide well so the female ghosts can’t find you. Move quickly and flexibly through many hidden corners gently to keep yourself safe. Do not know where the key is located, so you will have to move a lot. If you act recklessly, make a loud noise, the witch will find you. When encountering, they do not attack, but use the “beautiful scheme”. A strip of clothes, showing off her hot body to seduce you and start a torture plan.

download TagAfter School mod

Each time you are tormented by a female ghost, you will lose a heart.Tag After School mod unlimited money predefined number of hearts, corresponding to the number of lives you are holding. If you can’t escape from this place with all your heart, the game is over. Thus, in addition to finding the key to escape, you must find ways to fill your heart to keep your life.

Graphics and sound

Tag After School is not only creative in terms of content, but the game’s images and sounds also do quite well. Even if it’s just pixel art, everything is still clear enough for players to grasp. Especially about the character movement. This part, the game is very focused, so everything is smooth and realistic. As an adult game, this contributes to stimulating the visual perception in the player’s eyes. The sound with horror games of course cannot be overstated because it contributes to the drama and suspense in the experience. Tag After School set up a realistic sound system, creating a creepy atmosphere with weird laughter. Sound integrated into hot scenes, just listening to it is enough to make your face turn red. Therefore, it is recommended that if you are playing a game in a crowded place, you should wear headphones or turn off the sound to avoid attracting attention.

MOD Version of Tag After School APK

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A horror game, 18+ just scary enough, just stimulating enough, very suitable for gamers to relax and relieve. Join the chase, play with the ghosts of virgins to feel completely new sensations.Download the Unlocked Tag After School mod to play the role of a male student pursued by a series of ghosts and girls right away.


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