Download Poppy Horror: Chapter One MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.8

Download Poppy Horror: Chapter One MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.8
Name Poppy Horror: Chapter One
Publisher ABI Global Publishing
Latest Version 1.8
Genre Horror
Size 72 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Poppy Horror: Chapter One MOD APK is an exciting game with unique horror action gameplay. The game contains horror and mystery elements, but the colors are extremely bright. Therefore, during the experience, you will be surprised with what you discover. What is hidden inside this toy factory?Find the answer yourself in Poppy Horror: Chapter One now.

Download Poppy Horror: Chapter One Mod – Explore the Abandoned Playground

Poppy Horror: Chapter One is unique right in the plot. It makes players curious about what has been and is happening. The game contains horror elements but the graphics are full of colors. This contrast has created a great attraction for the game of ABI Global Publishing. The clearest proof is the millions of downloads and 5-star votes from players. So, this will be a promising game, bringing an unforgettable experience to you.

Thriller plot

In Poppy Horror: Chapter One, you play as a retired employee of a toy company. One day, you receive a strange parcel from unknown sender. Attached to the letter was a video clip with the Huggy doll. This strange doll invites you back to work at the company. The content in the video can be summarized as follows: Please return to the company, this place has been abandoned for 10 years and the employees mysteriously disappeared. Do you want to try playing? For some reason, like “the devil made me”, you accepted the invitation to join the game and returned to the old company.

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When you arrive, you realize that everything in front of you is not normal. This place is like a maze with many strange things. The deeper you go, the more terrible things you discover. In it there is a scary monster that just eats you. Run away from its pursuit and find your way out of this mysterious maze. At the same time, you need to complete the quest to find out the thrilling things that happened 10 years ago. With the weapon of 2 toy hands, overcome all challenges to return safely and solve the mystery.


Because of a strange doll you are at the abandoned toy company. Here you will have to answer a few puzzles to get a combat weapon. Those are the Blue and Red hands. In Poppy Horror: Chapter One, they will be the only weapons you can use. Wearing these gloves, you can do many special things. For example, opening a locked door or collecting an item easily from a distance. Flexible control, exploiting the full function of your hands is the way for you to overcome all challenges in the game.

Horror games

The hairy freak that chases you is only the beginning of the challenge. You seem to have “cut the tail” of it with just a few levels. But no, more terrible things are waiting for you ahead. After just escaping from it, you meet a mysterious room. This is the room that contains the doll that invited you to this place.

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Out of curiosity, you open the cabinet to see what’s inside. This seemingly innocuous action will cause you to face the next horrors. As soon as the door opened, the doll was unsealed. The power of darkness returns, which means you will start all over again. The next time is even scarier, more brutal than the last time. The levels in Poppy Horror: Chapter One are divided into 2 phases. Specifically, finding clues and solving the mystery 10 years ago. The second is to deepen the chain of events, search for answers to find a way out of this scary maze.

Graphics and sound

If only looking at the game’s graphics, perhaps no one would think that this is a horror game. A very weird Huggy with bizarrely shaped “characters”. Behind the bright and vibrant colors are horrors waiting for you ahead. Although abandoned for 10 years, everything is very clean and new. It is this abnormality that makes you feel “cold” as you step by step discover the truth. To increase the horror of the game, Poppy Horror: Chapter One is meticulously elaborated in terms of sound. The background music as well as the sound effects of the action sequence are extremely creepy. Sometimes it’s heavy, sometimes it’s sudden and eerie.

Poppy Horror Chapter One mod

MOD Version of Poppy Horror: Chapter One APK

  • Unlimited Money

If you are a fan of the horror game series, you must definitely try Poppy Horror: Chapter One. Surely this special game will not let you down. Both scary and stimulating to want to dig deeper. This is the new attraction that the game brings. Download Poppy Horror: Chapter One mod to your device to start uncovering the mystery at the abandoned toy company right away.


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