Download Plague Inc MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 1.18.7

Download Plague Inc MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 1.18.7
Name Plague Inc
Latest Version 1.18.7
Genre Simulation
Size 75 Mb
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Free shopping
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When you are bored with the role-playing games of heroes defending justice, it is right to refresh yourself once by experiencing games like Plague Inc. The game allows players to play the evil role but makes everyone satisfied. In the past few years, “Co Vy” has seen the whole world suffer and suffer. This is enough to see how terrible the epidemic is. In Miniclip’s simulation game, you will play the role of a fear maker. The epidemic that claimed the lives of millions of people in the world was created by you. Experience Plague Inc MOD APK to feel this terrorist mission.

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Download Plague Inc Mod – The Sower of Human Disease

Miniclip played big by launching a special simulation product that was different from previous famous sports games. In this game, you are challenged with the task of a destroyer. Instead of protecting the world, you research and spread viruses, creating terrible epidemics, claiming the lives of millions of people. The more terrible the epidemic, the more successful you will be.

Tactical simulation genre

Your main goal is to destroy, erase all human life on earth. This alone is enough for Plague Inc to create curiosity in the eyes of gamers. As the villain, you will research special viruses and spread them around the world through many different methods. Control the speed of disease spread on the map. Create even more dangerous pathogens to become the most feared bioterrorist on the planet. The game simulates the Earth as well as the process of spreading the disease in a comprehensive and realistic way. There are all 3 levels in this game for you to experience. Easy – Medium – Hard, each level of play corresponds to the consciousness and change of humanity.

Plague Inc mod mod

For example, at the first level, when you spread the pathogen, the virus spreads quickly and covers a wide area because people do not have a sense of prevention as well as determination to find a vaccine. However, at higher levels, human consciousness has changed. Everyone works together to research and find a vaccine against the virus. Along with that, people’s awareness of health protection has also improved. Therefore, your pathogens will be overcome more easily.

Upgrade pathogens

Pathogens are your own way of fighting life on Earth. Therefore, when the world map is at an alarming level, all countries will see the problem again. At this time, the governments of the countries will mobilize all relevant forces and agencies. Together, they will link, support each other to work and research to find effective vaccines and remedies. The difficulty of the game increases, which means you also need to improve the pathogen. Let’s upgrade the danger, the speed of the spread of the disease to make it difficult for the governments of the countries. In addition, you need to follow the news, read the daily newspaper to understand the world situation. This is a useful resource to help you with direction and further planning for your research.

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During the mission, DNA will appear in several areas. Let’s collect them to upgrade sick soft. If in the past, the pathogen you created was only contagious through the respiratory tract, now, improve it so that it can spread through many different ways. In addition, each country has its own climatic conditions. Pathogens cannot spread under any natural conditions. This is the reason, you need to improve your stamina and resistance to the virus you created.

Create new pathogens

Viruses, bacteria, … in Plague Inc are generally classified as pathogens. Each type will have its own spread ability as well as its own operating characteristics. In the first levels, you should start with bacteria. Because the limitation of this pathogen is that it is easy to find a treatment. Meanwhile, its advantage is the ability to spread quickly. As a bioterrorist boss working with a plan. All data on pathogens is managed in detail. Based on parameters such as the spread, the number of deaths, the progress of finding a vaccine, you will have the next calculation for yourself. Pathogens take a long time to research, are dangerous, and complicated changes will make it take longer for people to find a vaccine.

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There are all 7 types of pathogens in the game for you to research and try. The process of spreading fear is simulated realistically with a map showing detailed status and parameters. With just a little time to get used to the early stages, you can confidently challenge medium and difficult levels in Plague Inc.

MOD Version of Plague Inc APK

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Admittedly, Plague Inc is a unique simulation game with many interesting points that you should not miss. You can wipe out all life on Earth with just tiny pathogens, invisible to the naked eye. If this terrible thing is done successfully then you have reached the end goal in the game. Download Plague Inc MOD APK to try this special mission right now!


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