Download Pico Tanks MOD + APK 51.3.0 (Menu, Unlimited Gold, Gems, Chests)

Download Pico Tanks MOD + APK 51.3.0 (Menu, Unlimited Gold, Gems, Chests)
Name Pico Tanks
Publisher Panda Arcade
Latest Version 51.3.0
Genre Action
Size 339 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited Gold, Gems, Chests
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Taking part in tank battles always brings a certain excitement and thrill, Pico Tanks MOD APK is the game that allows you to have those experiences. Participating in this melee game is not only you but also many other players. Fast-paced gameplay, the climax is pushed to increase the drama. In general, Pico Tanks is really a more suitable choice to entertain friends and relatives. MODPURE offers a version of Pico Tanks mod money + menu to shop and upgrade your tank to become more powerful.

Download Pico Tanks mod – Control a tank to battle all terrain

Pico Tanks is suitable for all ages because of its low level of violence, along with a funny, lovely tank design that is not too aggressive. The matches are usually 3v3 with a fairly fast paced, so you need to be very focused if you want to win. In the early stages you will have certain difficulties because of scarce finances, however, try to maintain the victories to have the opportunity to unlock more keys to increase strength. In the battlefield, you can play in groups of 3, the main task is to defeat the enemy, capture points and get valuable items.

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Game Mode

There are 3 main game levels set up by Pico Tanks, each with different difficulty. The first is the flag robbery mode, you and your teammates split up to find flags at many points, the team that wins more flags will win. The next mode is to receive the goods, one member of the team is selected to transport the package to the base, the other two will protect the process safely, avoiding being sabotaged by the opponent. The third is the most thrilling mode, the massacre mode. In this mode, players are forced to destroy each other, the team that kills the most will win.

Unique tank design

In addition to building an attractive game mode, Pico Tanks is also impressed by the eye-catching and attractive tank system. The huge number of tanks, suitable for many different terrains, helps players freely choose. Players have the right to own all those cars and be refunded depending on the purpose of use. Each vehicle will have different damage and combat stats. Based on the actual situation, players should make the most optimal choice. Players are also allowed to create many types of tanks with additional features to serve combat purposes.

download pico tanks mod

Fight with friends

With Pico Tanks, you will not fight alone when you always have companions. Each team will have at least 3 members to overcome the challenges that the game offers. Facing the enemy, you will be more confident when you have support from teammates who understand you. The good coordination is also a factor that makes the battles easier and has a higher win rate.

Upgrade power and tanks

In Pico Tanks, the power of the tank will more or less help you create the initiative when fighting the enemy. Therefore, retrofitting your tank with features is something you should think about. Customize, replace and repair damaged parts in time to keep the car in the best condition every time it goes to war. There are tanks that have enough power to solve a battle, so choosing the right vehicle is the most important condition for any battle. In addition, players should also equip more armor to protect themselves against enemy attacks.

Graphics and sound

Although Pico Tanks is a fierce fighting game, in order to reduce the violence, the publisher has focused on creating the character in a lovely cartoon direction. The tanks are no longer bulky like real life but are creatively unique, fresh and highly entertaining. The sound of the game is quite catchy, the gunfire is not too loud but still creates a true feeling of a war. Pico Tanks is truly a fighting game that you cannot ignore.

Download Pico Tanks MOD APK for Android

Pico Tanks MOD APK will give you an interesting and different view of fighting with tanks. Control a tank, and fight with your teammates on all the fiercest battlefields. Diverse game modes, smooth chibi shaping, do not hesitate to download Pico Tanks mod money to experience this fascinating tank shooting game right away.


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