Download Phu Ho Cong Luat MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.1.879

Download Phu Ho Cong Luat MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.1.879
Name Phú Hộ Công Lược
Publisher TTHOAGames
Latest Version 1.1.879
Genre Simulation
Size 297 M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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If your taste is to play trending games, any game that is HOT must try immediately for “hot”, don’t ignore the name Phu Ho Cong Luong MOD APK (Unlimited Money). This is a new game released at the end of 2022 and created a huge buzz in the gaming industry. Through the ancient business quest, you will discover many valuable philosophies and lessons. More importantly, entertainment and relaxation are still guaranteed.

Introduction to Phu Ho Cong Luoc

If not, probably few people think that Phu Ho Cong Luoc is a Vietnamese game. The game released by TTHOA Games revolves around the task of business management. From a modern person, you will return to spacetime and take on the business of a small inn. With your talents, build an admirable legacy. Becoming a famous rich man in the capital or not depends on your ability.

Special plot

The plot-building game is quite similar to a love story of the cross-air genre combined with business. You will enter the game with a rather vague opening when you wake up after a severe headache and faint. At this point, you see everything strange. Besides your soul, everything in this place makes you feel bewildered. And you realize that you have traveled back to ancient times in the body of a young woman. It is worth mentioning that this girl is in a different situation when she is forced to marry a rich landlord in the city. If you want to cancel the wedding, you must have enough money to pay the wedding you received. Fortunately, what you own is a small inn. This will be an opportunity for you to show off your business skills, earn money to pay the bride price in 5 days. Not only that, you also have to continue to do business in this business to become a rich rich man, famous throughout the city.

Business management

In general, the gameplay of Phu Ho Cong Luoc free shopping mod revolves around business management. So you will start work from the small inn. Make your first coins here. With effective business strategies, the inn will bring you great profits. When you accumulate a relative amount, think about expanding the model. Build the inn brand with a large system as well as quality. If you have enough potential, meet other merchants and negotiate with them. Reaching an agreement, you will own the new land in the city and start building more shops. Not only in the inn business, you also have many other businesses. Invest money to build a cloth shop, a restaurant, a service station, a theater, … When the model is expanded, you need to think about recruiting servants.

A guest’s help

When you have reached a certain level, the property you are holding in your hand is extremely large. If you want to manage effectively and develop further, don’t waste money on hiring guests. These people act as investors. When they pour money, you will succeed in negotiating and competing for business with other competitors. The customer’s help is not free. Pay them to help you manage the store system. At the right time, you need to upgrade to improve your resources. The more financial support you have, the more beneficial you will be in the negotiation process.

Rich household in the city

Phu Ho Cong Luoc mod with unlimited money builds a large map with ancient architecture and context. In the citadel, there are many buildings and magnificent halls. All of these locations are not only aesthetic, but also related to the content of the quest. In turn, you will set foot in the Temple of Fortune, the Hien Cac and many other halls and palatial areas. Each location has its own feature and is profitable if you know how to take advantage of it. Do not miss the opportunity to visit and explore interesting lands in the game. Click on the Ao Du section, you will be moved to this place. Here, through activities, you will gradually unlock the plot. The appearance of new characters all have a certain influence on your life, business as well as your love line.


You can absolutely prove your outstanding business prowess by topping the leaderboards. This feature gives you the opportunity to compete, compare your business ability with gamers on the same server. The ranking of Phu Ho Cong Luoc is divided into 3 different categories. Each item will compete in a certain skill. Specifically, making money, strategy and overcoming obstacles. The best person at the top of the chart, after each period, the system will give a huge reward.

MOD Version of Phu Ho Cong Luoc APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping

A game that synthesizes many factors, emphasizing business skills like Phu Ho Cong Luoc hack unlimited money is very suitable for entertainment as well as training thinking to get rich. Download the mod to take advantage of the special features. These things will help you a lot on your journey to becoming a rich millionaire with admirable assets.


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