Download Pascal’s Wager MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.1.1

Download Pascal’s Wager MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.1.1
Name Pascal’s Wager
Publisher Giant Global
Latest Version 1.1.1
Genre Action
Size 71 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Money
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If you are a fan of the Dark Souls series, Pascal’s Wager MOD APK is a game that you cannot help but know. Download and experience Pascal’s Wager right now!

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Download Pascal’s Wager Mod – Action Game You Can’t Miss

Have you ever imagined that there will come a time when this world will not have a sun?However, it happened in Pascal’s Wager, which is the latest action game from publisher Giant Global. The game is expected to have success on Xbox, PS4, and most recently Pascal’s Wager has an iOS version, then has been further released for an Android version. Compared to other games of the same genre, Pascal’s Wager is highly appreciated for its detailed and profound storyline lasting nearly 20 hours. A series of NPCs, lighting effects, narrator voice sounds will take you on an adventure without end.

Pascal’s Wager Plot

“A dark world, a fallen Sun”.Pascal’s Wager is about the Colossus, which are the gods who bring light to the people. According to legend, they appeared when the sun was gone, darkness covered the entire kingdom forever. Colossus emits light, dispelling darkness and guiding people to find the land of light. In order to survive, everyone must follow the Colossus. Therefore, they are known by everyone as The Walking Gods. Colossus is scattered in many areas. The Colossus of Heggem is near a mine shaft and people rely on Heggem’s light to work and survive. Everyone is waiting for the migration to the new land.

Pascal's Wager mod

The Colossus of Adamina was weakened by Marred’s attacks. However, the light was enough to protect the people from the onslaught of darkness and Sendril. However, like the sun, the Colossus gradually fell. A postman named Terrence, he has lost the wife he loved and cherished. Believing that his missing wife is related to the Colossi, Terrence sets out to find his wife and uncover the mysteries of this world.


Pascal’s Wager is designed with 3D animations that simulate the dark, cold and desolate world in detail. Overall, Giant Global does a great job for the Android version. Although there are still some effects that do not really match, overall, the game still has typical highlights that are only available in Pascal’s Wager. Environments, characters and monsters are simulated in detail and are extremely realistic. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of darkness, adventure in every step and character’s gaze. In addition, you can also admire the cut scenes with great angles, suitable for the pacing and action genre of the game.

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The two elements of sound that are concerned with Pascal’s Wager are music and dubbing. As for the music, it is undeniable that the publisher has successfully completed this task. Sound is one of the factors contributing to the realism of the cold and gloomy atmosphere. It succeeds in guiding the player’s emotions to each different area and storyline, giving the player excitement, suspense and unpredictability of what will happen next. However, there are many gamers who complain about the voice in this game. Because sometimes the voice doesn’t match the atmosphere and background music. It makes the overall picture somewhat odd. You should sympathize with the publisher for limited budget reasons. Hopefully, the next version will fix this shortcoming.

Pascal’s Wager gameplay

Despite having a complicated plot, Pascal’s Wager has a gameplay that is not different from other games of the same genre. You can choose your favorite character, then fight with the characters and uncover the remaining mystery of the plot. The game allows you to choose two characters in the same battle. If one of the two is defeated, the other character will appear and continue fighting. You can swap those two characters whenever you want. This feature gives you the flexibility to implement the right strategy for each area.

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The control interface is designed quite gently. The publisher wants players to fully enjoy the scenes of the game. Therefore, they have minimized the control keys so that it does not take up too much space on the screen. Familiar controls. You use the virtual joystick on the left to control the character to move or use features such as surfing, slashing, blocking with the right keys. Information such as tweezers, HP is shown by two bars below instead of above.

Pascal’s Wager Characters

Terrence is the knight we talked about in the story. He was a postman who was expelled from the Church for past sins. One day, he stumbles upon a clue about the fall of Colossus. He sets out to discover and find his beloved wife. Viola is a sniper. She joins Terrence after accidentally saving him from Sendril. She has a history related to the Church and she has not revealed her identity to Terrence.

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Norwood is a mysterious assassin who always wears a mask. Norwood saves Terrence while in Adamina. Although he only had one arm left, he easily defeated any Marred. Benita is a priest with many magical abilities. She is Terrence’s only friend. She traded her vision to save her friend. For herself, it didn’t matter because her world had no presence of light.

Pascal’s Wager MOD Version

  • Unlimited money

If you are a lover of action games, Pascal’s Wager is the right choice for you. Download and experience Pascal’s Wager MOD APK now!


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