Download Memrise MOD + APK 2022.2.23.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Download Memrise MOD + APK 2022.2.23.0 (Premium Unlocked)
Name Memrise
Publisher Memrise
Latest Version 2022.2.23.0
Genre Education
Size 26 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlock Premium
Get it On Google Play

Memrise MOD APK is an application that is highly appreciated for its features and interface. With this application, you can practice and improve your foreign language skills. Basic skills such as listening, speaking, … can all be cultivated and supplemented through the application to become more complete. In particular, with the Memrise Premium APK version, you can exploit all the useful features of this application.

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Download Memrise mod – Learning a foreign language is easier thanks to a good application

In the current era of global connection and cooperation, learning more foreign languages ​​is essential. The more languages ​​you know, the more advantages you have in finding jobs and developing yourself. For students, students and even those who have worked, improving language skills is a useful “bridge”. Having foreign language skills, you can confidently communicate with foreigners as well as handle work more professionally. And to help you do this well, publisher Memrise has launched an application of the same name. With a series of advantages, this educational application has received millions of downloads on the major platform Google Play. The Memrise language learning application is scientifically and methodically built. You can learn a variety of content with a variety of methods. Thanks to this application, your basic skills like speaking, listening, reading, writing will be greatly improved. You can self-study anywhere, anytime you want with just a phone.

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Diverse content and learning methods

This is one of the biggest advantages of this application. With Memrise, you can learn a variety of topics with a variety of content. The topics in the application are divided scientifically, easy to grasp. This helps you learn more effectively, much easier to remember. Lessons have a lot of content but are not boring or make learners feel too heavy. In a full lesson, vocabulary, structure, sound practice, grading of work results,… Thanks to the lessons in Memrise, learners will practice, improve and develop all 4 skills. Complete a lesson, take a skill test and you will know your rank. Looking at this ranking can tell where your language skills are. The ranking feature, badges are motivating and motivating for learners. Besides the “traditional” basic lessons, there are interesting games. Through the game, you will remember vocabulary, rules easily. Simpler. Learning while playing, having fun and learning better. This provides learners with a great experience with Memrise.

download memrise mod premium apk

Practice and develop listening and speaking skills

As shared, Memrise exploits comprehensively, focusing evenly on all 4 main skills. Therefore, you will have a perfect listening, speaking, reading and writing environment. Practice listening and speaking skills with this foreign language learning application that is extremely interesting and new. Instead of looking up a dictionary or going to Google translate, you can learn through many other unique methods with Memrise. Learn vocabulary with videos of native speakers. And yet, below also comes with subtitles for learners to follow in the best way, not to miss important information. You can try to see how well your speaking and reading is by using a microphone to record. This feature works extremely intelligently, helping you detect mistakes and provide a benchmark scale when you complete the lesson. If the pronunciation is wrong, a warning vibration will appear. Conversely, when pronouncing the correct pronunciation, the score will be displayed. This helps you remember vocabulary as well as pronunciation longer.

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Practice reading and writing skills

If you want to read and write a foreign language better, you can’t ignore Memrise. The application provides a lot of good review software with a variety of topics. There are requirements that require learners to think and deepen their thinking. There are articles that are reminiscent of the cap. For example, the exercise of rewriting sentences, choosing the right answer, ….

To date, Memrise has more than 100 different languages. This number is not final because the developer also added many other languages. With the free version, you can only learn 22 languages. Including all popular languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German,… Want to learn all 100 languages, you need to pay. However, with the Memrise mod we provide, you can learn all languages ​​without paying any fees.

Memrise Highlights

  • Flexible transfer of skills in the same lesson.
  • Good sound quality, standard pronunciation, clear.
  • Integrating smartphone vibration mode when learners choose the wrong answer.
  • The ability to sync across multiple devices makes learning more convenient and easier.

Memrise MOD APK version

  • Unlock Premium

It is no exaggeration to say that Memrise is one of the best language learning apps available today. Scientific interface, many good features, help players perfect and develop enough skills. Download the Memrise mod for a chance to learn all the languages ​​the app has to offer completely for free!


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