Download Masketeers MOD + APK 3.2.1 (Menu, One hit kill, Immortal)

Download Masketeers MOD + APK 3.2.1 (Menu, One hit kill, Immortal)
Name Masketeers
Latest Version 3.2.1
Genre Role Playing
Size 322 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Menu, One hit kill, Immortal
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For the first time, the topic of pressed masks was explored in the game Masketeers MOD APK. When participating in combat, heroes will possess the power of masks. Your face is hidden but your strength is greatly improved, which attracts the attention of scary monsters even more. Overcoming challenges full of darkness, finding a peaceful life is the task you need to perform. Download the Masketeers mod to have a special experience behind the mysterious mask.

Download Masketeers Mod – Escape from the darkness of the devil

Masketeers is a familiar role-playing game but has a certain appeal. The background is inspired by the dark world and the warriors behind the mask are hidden. Your mission is to fight the enemy and regain life for yourself. Overcome countless challenges, show your bravery and talent against the opponent’s counterattacks. You will need a lot of help from masks with different power levels. Depending on each case, choose the right mask to possess unparalleled power, defeating all destructive plots of the enemy. The game also scores points thanks to its beautiful graphics with catchy sound, depicting the fierceness of the battle.

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Use a smart strategy

With masks as the main theme, Masketeers brings you interesting experiences with a unique storyline. From an ordinary person, just wearing a mask, you have the power of a true superhero. Based on that advantage, free yourself from the dark world and keep your allies safe. Conquer every game level with a smart and thorough strategy.

Escape from the dark

Masketeers covers the scene of a dark space and many enemies are waiting to destroy you. Wraith, the leader of the enemy’s army, possessed immense power. He is a dangerous and calculating boss, just a minute of being caught off guard will cost you your life. To deal with them, players will play the role of the hero Caine, ready to fight on all fronts. You need to apply all the skills and strength you get through the masked battles to fight to the very end. Escaping the darkness is not easy but it is not too difficult if you have the best strategy and preparation.

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Accompanying other warriors

Rest assured that accompanying Caine will have many other characters with you against the attack of enemies such as Coro, Pixe,… They are all brave warriors and are always ready to be there to in critical times. Coro possesses unparalleled strength, able to light up hope in the most desperate moments. In contrast, her humorous personality Pixe will bring laughter to everyone, relieve stress after fierce battles. Each warrior has its own unique personality and strengths. Your job is to coordinate well with your teammates to always get the victory in the duel.

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Kill the final boss

The enemy is also not only one, in addition to Wraith, they also have other minions possessing non-medium strength. Every time they move to an area, they sow fear and obsession for many people. Just defeating all those bosses, you will have the opportunity to level up and increase your strength. In Masketeers, you can spend money to unlock more features, strengthen your power before confronting evil enemies. The final task that you need to aim for is to make the wedding boss irresistible, destroy their soldiers and bring peace to society.

Masketeers MOD APK version

  • Unlimited money
  • One Hit Kill
  • Immortal

For those who love fighting games with teammates, Masketeers is the most suitable and quality option you can think of. Attractive plot, unexpected details, valuable items will make you unable to ignore this battle game. Download Masketeers mod to learn the magical powers behind the mask.


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