Download LIMBO MOD (Full Version) + APK 1.20 b120

Download LIMBO MOD (Full Version) + APK 1.20 b120
Publisher Playdead
Latest Version 1.20 b120
Genre Adventure
Size 32M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Full version
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The puzzle horror series is increasingly proving its appeal next to other game genres. And for the followers of this game series, LIMBO is the name that receives the most love. LIMBO MOD APK is a perfect blend of dramatic landscapes, hauntings, eerie characters and scary sounds. With clever puzzle design, a mysterious story and excellent control system will take you from surprise to surprise. Let’s learn about this fascinating but equally creepy LIMBO right here!

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Download LIMBO Mod – A Horror Game Combining Interesting Puzzles

LIMBO is an adventure game directly developed by the famous publisher Playdead and launched in 2011. Very quickly, this game stirred up gamers because of its novelty and fun. Not long after that, in 2015, the mobile version of LIMBO was born, giving players moments of entertainment and a mysterious feeling of fear. Although LIMBO has been available on many different platforms such as Steam, Xbox, and PC, the vast majority of players prefer the mobile version of this game.

The plot of the game

The content of LIMBO revolves around the adventures of an unnamed boy with a weak body on the way to find his sister. LIMBO’s sister is imprisoned in a dark world, where the boundary between life and death is ruled by many dangerous monsters, along with countless deadly traps. After the scary sound in the horror black and white background is the hidden figure of the boy going into the dark place with the challenges lurking. Day or night, darkness is always present with every step of LIMBO. The interesting thing is that the more danger and threat of death is experienced, the more the road ahead is revealed and the potential potential in the boy will gradually appear. Faced with a lot of death during such a journey, the character is still resilient to find the answer and move forward.


It can be seen that the indeterminate plot that the game brings will force players to only move forward, face challenges, but cannot return. The journey in the game will begin when you feel ready. So be prepared before facing extremely dangerous traps and terrifying monsters along the way. In addition, the player must find a way to solve all the difficult puzzles to preserve his life until the last screen.

Simple gameplay

LIMBO will not have instructions for players, even the first time. Your job is to control your character constantly moving forward in search of life. It is truly an endless journey, but certainly the journey is not an easy straight line, there are many challenges surrounding each other. It seems that every land that LIMBO passes through makes people stand up on their hair because of its danger, there are sharks stalking to eat alive, poisonous spiders, guillotines, saw blades, crushed stones, sharp spears, …. They are ready to destroy your character at any time.

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Facing such a series of dangerous obstacles is a weak boy, even jumping into the pit can kill him instantly and the journey will be over. Not to mention, the deeper into the forest, the player will face more dangerous challenges and much more complex puzzles. So, it all depends on your thinking ability, ingenious control technique during the experience. It is worth noting that after each loss, you will be able to play again from the checkpoint position in the game, which will save time when you do not have to redo everything from scratch.

Easy control

LIMBO owns an extremely simple and intuitive control system. In this game, players can use some basic operations such as moving forward, backward, jumping up and holding useful objects along the way. Players just need to touch the screen and swipe left or right to help the character move easily, swipe up to jump and perform other operations by swiping down. In general, the control of this game will definitely suit the vast majority of players today.

Game graphics and sound

Although LIMBO has a familiar 2D graphics platform, every detail in the game is extremely unique. The gameplay in the game is developed in the traditional black and white style, combined with vivid sound effects that evoke a creepy and cold feeling for players during the experience. The image of the main character is also very novel, he is simply depicted with a black body and only light eyes. With only two colors of black and white, the publisher has succeeded in evoking the ghostly atmosphere, the feeling of fear with the jungle, the abandoned town, which will surely make you feel extremely excited.


MOD version of LIMBO APK

  • Full version

Although it has been released for a long time, the attraction of LIMBO MOD APK has not decreased, it still makes millions of players around the world fascinated right from the first experience. If you love this game, quickly download it to your device!


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