Download LightTale MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.0.111

Download LightTale MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.0.111
Name LightTale
Publisher Sketch Studio
Latest Version 2.0.111
Genre Role Playing
Size 116M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

LightTale MOD APK (Unlimited Money) of the publisher Sketch Studio takes a battle theme with a familiar context. Still the story of saving the world from the forces of darkness. However, going into the game will see many new points. Combined with the exciting features, the battle screen in the game becomes more desirable. Be the great warriors, fight to protect the precious ancient world.

Introduction to LightTale

Monsters invade, darkness covers the world, the source of life, the life of humanity is in danger of total destruction. In that context, strong and brave people chose to fight to restore order. The will to fight, the strength received from the guardian of an ancient civilization. You become a hero carrying a noble mission to find light and peace for the world.LightTale mod

Fight for the light of the ancient world

The power, the dark things have always existed, they are still lurking and residing somewhere. Just having the opportunity, this force immediately rose up, destroying the peace that humanity has spent many years creating. The forces of darkness want to take over and drown all these beautiful things. The monsters gradually entered the land of hope to overthrow and destroy everything. Receiving the will and strength from the supreme guardian, you begin your quest to protect this millennial civilization. The battle for survival with dangerous situations is inevitable. With the power transferred, you will accompany the character throughout the journey to complete the mission. Unlock each level, destroy all the monsters.”Sweep” each level, you will have more power, unlock more powerful skills to complete the next level. Winning is the only way for you to help yourself improve, improve your personal fighting ability. Equip with many other useful things because it will help you a lot on this journey.

Power received from guardian

LightTale mod money has a clear plot, in accordance with the circumstances that the game builds, you will be given the power from the ancient guardian. Previously, they were the ones who fought, protecting the people from the calamities from the dark forces. Now, over a thousand years, the time has come to leave this task to the deserving. No one else, you are the chosen one, the recipient of this powerful ancient power. The character system in LightTale offers many different hero classes. Each hero has received a special power and ability. If you choose an archer, you will fight with extreme archery skills. Meanwhile, the magicians will fight with the system of spells and spells. Depending on the character choice of each player, the power skills and weapons used also differ.

Item System

LightTale mod unlocked has many levels, each stage you open you will find a challenge that brings a higher difficulty. Still monsters, but they fight in a more varied, unpredictable way. If your character still retains the same ability as the first screen, it is definitely impossible to pass the level. The game has more than 150 items, so use the money accumulated by winning to equip and shop for heroes with lots of useful LightTale mod


The image is also a point worth mentioning when talking about this action game. The battle scene is flexible, light and dark enough. The effect is off the table, both magical and pleasing to the eye, suitable for the moves and skills of the heroes. Warrior characters have a variety of styles, cute shapes. The battle scene also changes flexibly to avoid boredom for players.

LightTale APK MOD Version

  • Unlimited money

Objectively, LightTale is an action game with a good “temporary” level. The plot is not too new, the features are not too groundbreaking. However, in return, it is a beautiful image, with many challenges, many levels, diverse items, and characters. If you want to experience it, please download LightTale hack unlimited money to your device and officially start from the simplest levels.


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