Download Larva Heroes MOD (Unlocked Heroes) + APK 2.8.9

Download Larva Heroes MOD (Unlocked Heroes) + APK 2.8.9
Name Larva Heroes - Lavengers
Publisher tubaN
Latest Version 2.8.9
Genre Action
Size 97 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlock Heroes
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Download hack Larva Heroes mod – You used to love the cartoon Larva with the image of lovely larvae but also very mischievous with funny and witty stories throughout the journey of building brotherhood., friendship between larvae. Surely you will not dare to miss the super product Larva Heroes game released by Mr. Games. Inspired by the movie above with the character image that keeps the original, the sound is lively, creating an interesting and fun world that is no different from the cartoon. Promising to create moments that make players immerse themselves in their love with these cute, muddy larva.

load LarvaHeroes - Lavengers mod

Download Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod – Fun action fighting game

Build a fun fighting action game, also because of that, the name originates from the combination of two famous films Larva and Avengers. Where the larvae transform into heroes fighting against the villains including zombie larvae, mummy larvae or dark forces intending to invade the base. Since its launch, the game has attracted a large number of players and received positive feedback with its unique and humorous gameplay style. Joining Larva Heroes Lavengers, you will immerse yourself in a combat atmosphere that is both dramatic and fun.

Classic but fun tower defense

Like other game platforms, also set up rules to follow the gameplay like tower defense games. That is, when someone comes to invade, the larvae must try to prevent them with attacks that are set by the system. The main task of the player is to protect his house from the attacks of other evil larvae. Be very careful, be careful because only when one of them enters your house, you lose and the game is over.

mod Larva Heroes -Lavengers

The gameplay sounds quite simple, but there will also be a certain difficulty when the number of evil larvae is too large while the player can only choose one commander larva from the 2 main larvae by tapping on the screen.left or right to control the main character, while the secondary character will support you to follow and some reinforcements are available to help. And you know, dangers will always come unexpectedly, making players unpredictable. This is also considered an interesting and dramatic point that the game Larva Heroes Lavengers brings. In addition, it requires people who do not need to come up with a reasonable strategy to play, arrange the battle for the warriors who have the ability to defend in the lead while you attack the enemy from behind. Chances of winning will be higher.

Recharge energy to enhance combat ability

Near the end of the game, the difficulty of the game will be pushed up, at the same time your larvae will be exhausted when they have weak health, the defense fighting strength will be significantly reduced. And you will have to face more evil beast larvae, the more powerful the fight will become a lot more difficult.

Larva Heroes - Lavengershack

You can choose for yourself the drugs, food or support skills to increase the strength and fighting ability for the larvae. You collect and use sausages, it will be set by the system to fall from the sky. If you earn a lot, it will benefit your larvae. Since this is a larva’s favourite, using sausages can summon warrior larvae to aid in battle.

Diverse larval system

Larva Heroes Lavengers possesses a larva system of many different types. Each type of larva will carry its own unique potential strength, different combat stats. You need to collect yourself a powerful army so that each level you will choose the right warriors. In the final level, the boss will have to appear with great power that is not easy to defeat and you have to confront him. To get the chance to win and become the only survivor, you must equip yourself with a large hero force with supporting powers such as healing to restore teammates’ health or increasing damage when attacking.enemy.

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The process of unlocking and upgrading larvae

As mentioned above, in order to defeat strong opponents, players need to upgrade and unlock larvae to increase their fighting ability as well as better defense. The higher the level of the larvae, the stronger they will be and will evolve when reaching a certain level of each type of larva. Each game screen the system will rate 3 stars, the highest is 3 stars. If unfortunately you only get 1 star, don’t worry the system will open you to replay that level until you get the highest score.

Design of outstanding graphics and sound

The design interface with sharp 2D graphic style and extremely rich colors highlight the funny and funny moments from the muddy, mischievous larvae. Combined with lively sounds, the “pop, chat” sounds when fighting have funny elements to create a joyful and refreshing atmosphere.

Larva Heroes - Lavengersmod

Shows that the developer has to refine each character and every detail in the game to bring players an equally interesting experience as a cartoon.

MOD version of Larva Heroes Lavengers

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock heroes

Larva Heroes MOD APK is really a fun fighting action game worth experiencing. Where you will and the larvae transform into superheroes possessing outstanding strength to fight the cruel enemies who want to take over your base. Let’s join the game together for the purpose of protecting your home and enjoy relaxing moments with these super cute, super muddy larvae. Quickly download the Larva Heroes mod hack, guys.


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