Download Into the Dead MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.8.1

Download Into the Dead MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.8.1
Name Into the Dead
Publisher PIKPOK
Latest Version 2.8.1
Genre Action
Size 144 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 +
MOD Unlimited money
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Into the Dead MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a zombie game genre exclusively for mobile phones. This is a game that has received a lot of positive feedback from users. Why is this game so popular? Let’s follow the content below.

Intothe Dead mod

Download Into the Dead Mod – Play zombie survival game

When entering Into the Dead, the opening screen will make you extremely surprised. It is the scene of the character in the game trying to stand up at a car accident scene. The special thing is that there are many zombies around, signaling an upcoming survival adventure full of obstacles. The motivation for you to try to fight for life amidst many difficulties is your small family. Those are brothers and children who are looking forward to a bright future in the distant horizon. It can be said that Into the Dead is one of the few zombie games with a touching plot. This gentle prelude marks a journey that will bring you so many emotions.

Realistic sound images

Using a variety of close-up perspectives, every action in Into the Dead takes place realistically. In this perspective, players can’t help but feel creepy every time danger occurs. It can be a vast grassland that you have to tremble every time you pass because you do not know if there is a zombie suddenly ambush or not. Many players responded that their emotions were really happening in the game console. Short storylines are inserted into key moments in the game to make the game more meaningful. Those are the movies with vivid graphics to every detail.

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The surrounding scenery in Into the Dead is also diverse and has a suffocating dark color. Especially at night or in the evening, the feeling will be “more sublimated”. Thanks to that, the traps installed in the game will make players “really scared”. Besides the scenery, the effects in the game are even more unique. Simple details such as sparks when shooting guns, blood splatters clinging to the screen in each battle, … are drawn “unrealistically”. Accompanied by the image, the sound will make you feel like you are watching a real scene. The sound in Into the Dead is very diverse, inserted very rhythmically with each image. It can be the sound of the phone, the talking in each intro, the scary screams of zombies when attacking, the sound of the engine, the gunfire, … Every moment in the game will make you “addicted”.really.


How to play the game Into the Dead is very simple. Select a weapon, then click on the words “Swap weapon” in the left corner. Then just load the barrel and press on the target. If you see too many zombies from afar, you can quickly run past them. This will help you to survive without having to fight in danger. However, adjust the speed to match the speed of the zombie’s advance. A little mistake will put you in a difficult situation to escape.

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The longer the amount of zombies that you encounter, the more crowded and stronger they will be. There will be high-level ones with the ability to run fast, have a lot of blood, … They will sometimes appear unexpectedly in unpredictable places, even appear in groups. Corresponding to the increased difficulty, the reward will also be more valuable. The harder it is to kill the undead, the more points you accumulate. Enough points you will buy more powerful equipment. Sometimes on the way you will also unexpectedly receive some useful gifts. The longer you play, the more powerful weapons you will automatically receive in your inventory. If you are not satisfied, you can still buy your favorite weapon with accumulated points.

A great companion in Swap weapon

You are not alone in Into the Dead. The game will give you an extremely useful companion. It was a four-legged fellow with a very good sense of smell. When there is frost around, this guy is an effective arm to help you avoid the enemy’s hiding. Although he has a great nose, this guy’s fighting ability is very low, so he needs your protection. A friend will make you feel safe and less “fearful” in this survival trip, right?

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MOD version of Into the Dead APK

  • Unlimited money

No need for sophisticated gameplay, Into the Dead wins in the engaging plot content and the “scary” realistic image. If you really need a game to help relieve your emotions and love the intense fighting genre, this is a game not to be missed. Download Into the Dead MOD APK to have a great experience after a tiring working time.


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