Download Hoppia Tale MOD (Unlimited Money, Energy) + APK 1.1.15

Download Hoppia Tale MOD (Unlimited Money, Energy) + APK 1.1.15
Name Hoppia Tale
Publisher Ludic Side
Latest Version 1.1.15
Genre Action
Size 73M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Money, Energy
Get it On Google Play

Hoppia Tale MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Energy) is a fun action game combined with a unique entertainment adventure genre. Experience in the mysterious world of Hoppia, you will encounter many unexpected and interesting details. Gradually explore the plot through a series of attractive missions that the game offers. Accompany the protagonist on this much-anticipated adventure.

Introduction to Hoppia Tale

Ludic Side’s action adventure game is inspired by many classic games like Bomberman, Zelda. With 16-bit graphics and lovely characters, you will experience a colorful journey. However, on this journey you also encounter many difficulties. With your ingenuity, help the beloved land regain its inherent peaceful scenery.Hoppia Tale mod

The plot of the game

Hoppia Tale mod unlimited money is about a fantasy world called Hoppia. Here, the life of the people passed peacefully and quietly. This peace is created by the protection of the mysterious gates. Before they closed forever, Hoppia’s ancestors used this path to travel to other worlds. Hundreds of years have passed, everything is still very good. Until one day, the fields around the capital of this place began to appear unusual things. What dark force has brought them to this place for the purpose of destruction, breaking the balance. They seek to recreate technology, find ways to open mysterious portals to infiltrate Hoppia. Realizing the conspiracy of the dark forces, the hero of this land will stand to stop. This force is not easy to deal with, can the people of this sacred land be able to fight the evil guys and find the peace like before?Hoppia Tale hack

Combined gameplay

Experience the game, you will see that this game is not only an action but also a combination of many other factors. Role-playing, adventure, puzzle, throughout the game you will find it subtly intertwines all these genres. In Hoppia Tale’s rescue journey, you will find a lot of unexpected things. From imprints to monuments, mysterious places,… Everything is integrated, logically with the plot. Your task is to control the main character to explore the maze, collect potions and dodge obstacles and a series of traps set up. Along with that is fighting those who come from the other side of the world. The main purpose is to prevent the gate from opening, destroy all the monsters, keep the mysterious gate closed forever. Besides the task of destroying the destination, closing the mysterious door, you also have to find a way to avoid traps and escape the maze. Each successful stage, you will receive rewards and unlock a new land. In this new land, you continue to perform the same tasks as the previous levels but with a higher Hoppia Tale mod

Overcome the stage, get rewards

Winning the monsters, the system will give you gold coins. When passing the level, the value of the reward you receive is extremely attractive. The higher the difficulty, the more valuable the reward for the winner. In addition to completing the level, you can earn additional rewards by opening gifts every day. Log in to play Hoppia Tale hack full energy regularly, in addition to the bonus you also receive a random gift box. When you have money, you can buy new skins for your character to create your own style. The store has a variety of clothes, armor, and accessories for you to choose from. In this game, the costume is only a formality, does not affect the strength and skills of the character.

House building feature

If you find the above is not attractive enough, then experience the house building feature in the game. Besides the journey of adventure and battle, you can also create your own house with your own style and mark. Design, create accents for your residence from the smallest details such as paint color, carpet, tables and chairs, kitchen, … Use your accumulated money to buy a lot of valuable furniture., bold personal aesthetic. When the house is complete, you can invite your friends to come and let them see and admire your work. Conversely, you can also do the same with your friends. Refer to the layout and design of your friends’ space for inspiration and create your own Hoppia Tale hack

Features of the game

  • Unique, mysterious world adventure with lovable, customizable characters.
  • Many attractive levels, conquer many difficult levels with personal skills.
  • Fight against friends from all over the world through Time Attack mode.
  • Build and design your own house, invite friends to visit.
  • A wide range of accessories and costumes.
  • Experience fun racing.

MOD version of Hoppia Tale APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Infinite Energy

Although there are some really imperfect points, but overall, Hoppia Tale is still an interesting game. If I score, I will give this game a good score because of its entertainment as well as cheerful and colorful graphics. If you want to experience, you can download the Hoppia Tale hack unlimited money with impressive extra mod features that bring many advantages via the link below.


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