Download HellCopter MOD + APK 1.8.11 (Unlimited Money)

Download HellCopter MOD + APK 1.8.11 (Unlimited Money)
Name HellCopter
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Latest Version 1.8.11
Genre Action
Size 87 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited money
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Are you passionate about shooting games but don’t know which game to experience?HellCopter is an attractive suggestion for shooting enthusiasts. This is a dramatic shooting game in which you have to rescue a building that is being held by bad guys. Download HellCopter mod money to make shopping and upgrading weapons easier.

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Download HellCopter mod – Protect the inhabitants of the building

HellCopter is the ultimate shooter game. In the game, you will be equipped with guns to be able to destroy the bad guys who are holding hostages and occupying people’s buildings. Players will stand on the helicopter and perform the shooting. This is your time to show off your shooting skills. This game contains many dramatic situations and surprises, taking you lost in the world of action with fierce battles with your enemies to protect the building. HellCopter is loved by the gaming community because of its extremely easy operation, especially when players are integrated with many modern, high-damage weapons, so they can destroy enemies quickly. In particular, from the game mode to the interface, HellCopter is invested extremely carefully. Vivid and sharp 3D images, accompanied by sound to increase the drama of the player’s rescue journey. This is a game for you to unleash your shooting talent. The better you aim, the better your chances of reaching the building and rescuing the hostages. So the game requires great accuracy.

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Player’s Mission

When participating in HellCopter, players need to face a fierce attack from the enemy. You stand on the plane and start shooting at criminals. Depending on the player’s shooting ability, the more enemies killed, the higher the chance of rescue.

Kill criminals to save the building

The first mission in HellCopter is to kill criminals. These criminals are looking to destroy and occupy the big buildings in the city. Every time they appear, they sweep the city, turning the lives of the people here upside down. You are the representative of the right and also the person who plays an important role in protecting the peace of the city. Destroy the criminals who are endangering the people, prevent all their evil intentions. Even so, these criminals can also counterattack and dodge attacks from you. So be flexible in creating unexpected attack lines to make the enemy unable to resist. The higher the level, the more enemies there are. So you have to face more challenges and difficulties in rescuing buildings. Players need to have smart strategies and ways of fighting to quickly eliminate all enemies that are hindering the peaceful life of the city.

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Equip a gun to fight crime

HellCopter fully equips players with different types of guns, to help players flexibly use these guns. From long-range guns to short-range guns, you need to use them all to destroy every enemy in the building.

HellCopter MOD APK version

  • Unlimited money

HellCopter mod money gives you dramatic experiences and breathtaking moments of suspense. Do you want to be a hero in the hearts of the people?Join the game and take action now!


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