Download Hack Đạo Hữu Xin Dừng Bước MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0

Download Hack Đạo Hữu Xin Dừng Bước MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0
Name Đạo Hữu Xin Dừng Bước
Publisher tthoa games
Latest Version 1.0
Genre Role Playing
Size 328 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

Đạo Hữu Xin Dừng Bước Full Diamond Money has both been highly appreciated for its content and has received many compliments on its graphics. General card role-playing game with a unique theme, revolving around the mysterious oriental mythological world. With popular topics such as Journey to the West, Son Hai Kim, … the game released by TTH makes many players “lose sleep”.

Download Friend Please Stop Step Mod – Explore Eastern Mythology

Dao Friend Please Stop Step owns a special gameplay with the combined context of the blockbuster hits for a while. To become heroic characters in Eastern mythology, you need to do many special tasks. Heroes of the world need to collect fairies, beasts with strong fighting abilities. After collecting champion cards, you need to arrange these characters into a squad with a specific strategy. Please upgrade and foster so that the character is capable of confronting the beast that has been sealed for a thousand years. This is a noble task for the heroes. Only when the victory is won will the world get rid of the misery.

Special character system

With a rich character system, built with a mythological style, you will be able to see “prestige” faces. The main characters are heroes and fairies who combine to create a powerful fighting squad. You can choose Thien Hanh Gia to do the quest or accompany Long Vu Co. Each character in Dao Friends Please Stop Step has their own shape and ability. In it, Thien Hanh Gia is a man, a great man, fighting with 3 swords. Long Vu Co is a female character from the dragon tribe with the appearance of thousands of people, fighting with beautiful moves and a weapon of great treasure. For fairies, the whole game is divided into 4 tribes, each with its own skills, missions and strengths.

download hack Friend Please Stop

The human race is a human being, after many years of cultivation, he attained enlightenment and became a fairy. The Dao ethnic group uses dark magic, after thousands of years of cultivation, they attain enlightenment and become a fairy. The demon race is a demon spirit, directs the right direction, and converts evil through cultivation for thousands of years. Finally, there is the Buddhist clan with the gods.

Many unique gates

Friend Please Stop Step poses many challenges with a large map of fairyland landscapes. Each chapter corresponds to a map. Only when you complete the chapters can you move on, set foot on a new challenge. In each game screen, you need to arrange a squad of up to 6 generals. Two teams, each holding a line. In order to fight well and increase the probability of winning, you should prioritize placing tank champions above, below arrange champions of support and attack classes. Completing the task well will give you a maximum of 3 stars. The more stars you get, the more you show that the player has good tactical thinking. Along with that is a series of valuable rewards, helping players upgrade and increase the strength of the character.

MOD Version of Friend Please Stop Walking APK

  • Unlimited money

The mythical world in Friend Please Stop Step has many interesting things for players to explore and experience. Not only is it an entertainment game, it is also a playground for gamers to show off their human skills. Explore the mythical world with special characters in the good game released by TTH Games. Download Friend Please Stop Step MOD APK to have unlimited money, upgrade strength for characters.


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